Perfect Fall Uniform

This is my perfect uniform for fall. Like, wear it until it all falls apart. Ok, so the jeans already are on their way BUT I want them + these vans. Slip on shoes forever! What's your uniform lookin' like?

 faux-fur vest | orcabessa sunglasses | ripped black skinnies | free people thermal | perforated leather vans

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  1. we are on the same wavelength here with this post! i have a very similar one in my drafts folder haha. faded black skinny jeans all the way, and i am a recent convert to the boyfriend jean. i recently got a pair from the gap and wore them four days in a row. if i hadn't spilled coffee on them, i probably would have worn them longer! ;)

  2. Love this! Looks so comfy- but yet really chic!

    My perfect uniform is ankle boots, black skinnes, a button up, statement necklace, and puffer vest.

  3. I have been drooling over that vest, too!!! It's adorable.


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