Stuffed Acorn Squash

Oh how I wish these photos looked more like this but let me tell you guys I have been struggling to stay afloat in the blog world let alone style my food before I inhale it. Let's keep it real. Lately I've had a little bit of burnout and just literally feel like I don't have a second to myself. However, I rallied. I want to share this super easy recipe that uses leftovers from our Tuesday Night Tacos sans beans. I am eating strictly paleo right now. I'm actually on a candida diet which means no fruit, no grains, no sugar, etc and so forth. Bumtown, BUT I feel amazing. Worth it.

All you have to do it set your oven to 400. Slice the acorn squash down the center and put one scoop of coconut oil in the center. Slice a little off the bottom of the squash to get it to lay flat. I like to rub the oil around to get the outer edges. Salt and pepper to taste and then stick it in the oven for an hour and forget about it.

Meanwhile, after you take the squash out of the oven you can scoop the melted oil and pour it all along the edges until there is no oil in the center. This makes it DELICIOUS. I seriously can't believe that I'm allowed to eat this goodness right now. So decadent really. Heat up your leftovers and scoop them into the center. Add a little raw cheese or avocado or just the tacos and enjoy. New favorite!

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