Weekend Notes 29

The girls' shared reading area is coming along (crawling but coming!). I ordered some of these Brightlab Lights (shown above) and just think they are so fun. I chose these colors and LOVE how they turned out. These would make an awesome Christmas gift. The packaging is so fun.

I'm going on my first ever spa/girls trip this weekend with my Mama and sister. Such an amazing experience to have together! I'm making some special lavender spray for our sheets, packing "stress away" and a whole bunch of other relaxing accessories. I'm obsessed. My mom is also going to teach us yoga everyday. Cannot wait!

Love this floral puffer for girls and these Birks!

This book is delightful.

I'm loving my friend Megan's #31daysofoctober on instagram. Gorgeous!

I'm teaching a free online class with my friend Katie of Essentially Katie on the 22nd, you can rsvp here.

This recipe for classic mulled cider is one of my faves.

On a very serious note, a dear friend of ours has a friend who's son is battling cancer. If you would like to support #teamaustin it would mean the world to their family. You can click here and then donate in honor of Austin Nemecek. They are sending everyone who donates awesome sunglasses! My heart breaks for any family that is impacted by cancer.

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  2. sweet austin! he was in my class last year at the preschool i teach at. love that his story is reaching so many people.


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