Boden Active Wear

Oh hey guys, Lesley here, your non-committal exerciser and yogi un-extraordinaire. Not sure what it is but I usually get a bee in my bonnet about getting back at in the fall. When Boden told me about their new active wear line I was inspired to get back in the game.

You already know I love Boden (see here and here) so I was so excited to see that they were expanding into yoga clothing. We are lucky enough to be in walking distance to some amazing studios and it's my favorite thing in the world to get a warm drink before or after this time of year. True to their brand, their bright colors and patterns are represented well in this line as well. The clothes are flattering, breathable and super comfortable. I also love the ankle zippers that you can't see here. We've had quite the cold snap this week!

Want your own? Click here to see the whole line and use the code YOGA for 15% off.

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