Just Like That... She's Two!

Today our Phoebe Lynn turned two. Just like that and I got no say in the matter. It literally feels like just yesterday that she was born. The amount of joy that little blonde package brings to our lives is just unreal. I seriously can't believe that she was almost not in the picture. I'll never forget reluctantly telling God that if we were meant to have another little one, then let it be so and then literally I was pregnant within the month. Funny how prayer works, isn't it?! I can't for a single second imagine life any other way.

My mama came up today to give Phoebe some special things to which Phoebe cooed, "how cuteeee!" She especially has a thing for shoes and if these aren't just the cutest ever!! I also adore this polka dot top and these sweet pale pink cords. Oh, so adorable. She also picked up some darling things at seed factory (our favorite!!).

We don't have sweets in the house often so it's always a super big treat to bake something together. For today it was just Pamela's Brownie Mix (amazing btw!!) but the girls were clearly in heaven and they both got to help make them. We did just a really simple family celebration. My favorite kind of birthday. Love to you all tonight. Think I'm going to cry a few tears into my hot tea. There's just so much to be thankful for.

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  1. These pics are adorable. Feebz and Til are such great buds. Happy Birthday to The Feebster!!!

  2. Aww, love you and your sweet family!

  3. Happy birthday to your little one! And I love Matilda's haircut! It seems to suit her, but I know you're sad to see those long locks go!

  4. amazing that this sweet baby is two already. "I got no say in the matter." so heartbreakingly true! and thanks for those words on prayer and second babies. I've been all over the place lately and two nights ago, decided to put it in God's hands. xo

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Mind sharing where you got your step stool from? I need something just like it for my little ones! Thanks!


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