Paleo-Friendly Thanksgiving Sides

So without boring you all to tears with my food allergies I thought I would share some amazing paleo-friendly Thanksgiving sides! The eating situation has been tough lately. I am back to eating a pretty strict diet (no cheats even!). I need to come up with two sides to make so I decided to scour pinterest for some amazing (I want mouth-watering here) and healthy Thanksgiving recipes.

This paleo green bean casserole looks insanely awesome. I'm going to skip the mushrooms but keep the rest. Yum!

This sweet potato casserole is low on sugar which is something I'm also working on... cutting out sugar! Easier said than done, this time of year especially, but it makes me feel so much better. These scalloped sweet potatoes look drool-worthy too.

This recipe for honey maple roasted carrots is SO gorgeous! The pomogranate seeds are such a beautiful and thanksgiving-y addition.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving: STUFFING. Like, I want to stuff my face with it. This grain-free recipe is for sure making the cut this year.

This roasted butternut squash recipe looks heavenly. I love roasted vegetables! It reminds me of a side that my friend Joni makes that I absolutely love.

Any great recipes you want to share? Excited to get in the kitchen and cook for my loved ones.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Could not figure out another side dish to make so thank you!! The honey maple roasted carrots look divine.


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