Sprinkles of Christmas

I'm getting so ready to start the Christmas decorating. I'm slooooowly adding a few hints here and there. Matilda isn't feeling great and we were holed up all weekend but we headed out today to our local nursery because I really wanted to plant some paper whites. Picked up some good tips from Martha a couple of weekends ago (did I mention I met MARTHA STEWART - ok so I really just stood next to her but STILL).

To me there is nothing more festive than natural elements around the holidays: swags, boughs, garlands, wreaths, rosemary topiaries... I love them all. Got a great tip about boxwood wreaths - Trader Joe's has 'em! I am so excited because this year my friend Megan from Victory Blooms is going to be decorating my front door. I can't wait.

So, Martha said to face the bulbs towards the center to keep the stems from falling to the side. We will see if it works! She also said to tie them with ribbon if they start to fall over. Oh, Martha. I'm kind of obsessed with this cedarwood incense greenery that I found at Pike's. So beautiful!

I am trying to be really "intentional" (most overused phrase ever) about my time during the advent season. I'm going to work really hard to fight busyness. Last year I was so depressed over losing Guinness that I just ran myself ragged and this year I just want to soak up the magic. I bought She Read's Truth Advent Book and can't wait to study along with everyone. Also, we are thinking of surprising the girls with kittens!! Can't decide if this is a terrible idea or not...

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  1. How gorgeous christmas trees ! Can't wait to see yours decorated ! gros bisous isa

  2. Love these! We are picking out our tree on Friday!!!!!

  3. I would love to have real greenery around the house at Christmas, but my dang cats try to eat even the fake stuff. I can't imagine trying to keep them away from real plants that smell nice.

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