What I'll Be Watching On Netflix Over Thanksgiving Break

Here's hoping you have lots of downtime next week in between casserole eating and traveling to visit family. This is a list of what I would absolutely love to watch underneath a fuzzy blanket by the fire.

This movie needs no explaining. Love Actually along with Elf, The Holiday and a few others are must watches each year during the holidays. Typically more than once! So excited to see this available for streaming because our DVD player is on the fritz.
There are so many of Audrey's movies on Netflix right now (see them all here) and I can think of nothing better than an Audrey Hepburn marathon. I confess I haven't seen all of her movies but that needs to change. I fully plan on lots of staying in this week.

I have never pretended to be super cool, so why pretend now. I love this movie! Baby Dakota Fanning is amazing and Brittany Murphy is pretty great too. So sad to think about her being gone. If you want just a light and fun movie with some tugging of the heart strings, this one's a keeper.

I'm a huge fan of Michelle Williams and can't wait to get a peek at a week spent with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Michelle completely transforms into the baby voiced Marilyn and the costumes are so amazing. Have you seen it?

This is terrible to admit but I just watched White Christmas for the first time. Ahhh! The dancing and music are just incredible and I would love to dress like these two sisters every day. The makeup and hair and glitz. Loved it!

Also, my favorite movie ever.

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  1. Hey, check out Begin Again with Mark Ruffalo. Just watched it last night with the husband. The music is so good too!

    1. oooh putting it on the list! thanks lyn!! happy thanksgiving!

  2. the family stone! love that movie at the holidays :)

    1. yes! such a good one. need to watch it again!

  3. Half of these I haven't seen yet!! Where have I been ?!


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