A Few Gifts

It's that time of year... when I'm so thankful that online shopping exists. I seriously cannot imagine getting everything I need to get done without it. Best gift to mothers of small children ever. I clearly can't share everything I'm picking up but here are a few ideas plus a little wish list of my own! I truly love the art of a good gift.

For the hostess/teacher/neighbor:

+ This is the best smelling candle! You can reuse the little wine glasses after their done burning.

+ I love edible gifts like these bitters or some taffy (obviously anything homemade would be fabulous!

+ My friend Emily gifted us with some sipping chocolate... perfect for making this!

+ I like to pot fresh herbs and tie with twine.

+ A great bottle of wine or a bottle of good olive or nut oil is always a good idea!

+ We love these cookies.

+ Make bath salts, whipped body butter or linen spray.

+ Personalized wrapping paper. This is a HUGE hit!

Tons of great options at 200 Mill!

Some ideas for him:

+ Barware accessories

+ Tobacco scented beard oil (or make your own beard balm and/or oil!)

+ A magazine subscription

+ A great button-up

+ Amazing slippers

+ Craft coffee subscription

For the ladies:

+ Hunter Wellies in her favorite color choice.

+ A record player. I love this one.

+ Anything from here. Am I right?!

+ Some quiet time. This planner is so lovely and would be so fun to fill up with coffee dates + other relaxing things.

+ The sparkliest clutch for New Year's (Sam and I are celebrating New Year's together this year for the first time in a decade!!!).

+ The bag to wear every day. I do!

+ An essential oils starter kit (had to, but seriously... best gift ever!)

+ I am really loving these. Now I get what the fuss is about.

photo found here.

For little girls and boys:

+ Matilda just got invited to her first slumber party (!!) and I realized she really doesn't have an age-appropriate sleeping bag. This beauty is going right under the tree along with this overnight bag which I may borrow from time to time. ;) I always look for fun gifts that will last - no Elsa gear here.

+ The only thing Matilda asked for.

+ This beautiful canopy for my littlest princess.

+ This dress-up outfit + necklace after a pretty dramatic meltdown about not being able to wear what was in a coloring book. #halpmerhonda

+ We adore these books.

+ The prettiest little flower crowns.

+ Anything from seed factory (for boys too!).

+ Non-toxic nail polish.

+ Love these toys from Hape.

+ Favorite books for boys: here, here and here.

For the kitties:

+ They got the fanciest little box known to cats - BUT it keeps the pellets off the floor. Worth it!

+ Catnip in the cutest container.

Would love to hear your gift ideas as well!!

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