Motherhood Lately...

I haven't done a motherhood post in a while. Not really sure why, I think sometimes I feel overprotective and vulnerable because this is a public blog and sometimes I think about creepy people reading it, but you're not creepy right? :) I think that reading thoughts of other mothers has been great therapy for me, so here are some unfiltered thoughts of my own...

This time of year I'm always caught off guard by the feelings of overwhelm. I really wish sometimes that I didn't care, that I was super laid-back and casual. The truth is Christmas cards are important to me, even if it kills me this year to get them all addressed and out the door... it's happening! I love getting them too. I pray over the sweet faces and images of the cards sent to us from our favorite people. It's a big deal. So is getting my front porch decor right. It's not. It's about 80% done like most other things.

I had a minor meltdown yesterday. I feel like the weekends are never restorative. I just want to read a book by the fire but here's whats what. That laundry isn't going to do itself, I don't have access to one of those amazing home delivery services from Whole Foods and there are piles of "stuff" everywhere. I like order, but I feel like my fun time got all sucked up by it. I want my kids to have the happiest memories, not memories of me cleaning. I also want them to know reality and that their parents work hard. BALANCE.

Speaking of memory making. Last night Matilda was a sad little pup. "Mama, listen to what so and so's elf did last week and so and so's elf left cookie crumbles out and they had to find him! Why doesn't our elf do anything fun like that?!" I wrote more about that fun exchange here and you guys had me cracking up! The truth is, we barely remember or have the energy to be that fun and creative at 10 pm after all the other junk is done. Should we be more fun?! Her elf wrote her a note that night apologizing for the shyness right next to a pile of baking soda which was supposed to be snow but Matilda told me, "it's soda." Bahaa. Pinterest told me to! Guys. Help!

So, that's it in a nutshell. If you need me I'll be huffing oils + listening to this. XO

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  1. Awww mama, I'm right there with ya!!! I don't know what it is about the holidays that makes me go crazy trying to make everything awesome & memory-filled. Truth is, my little one squealed with as much delight when she saw the tree all decorated (that we did while she was in bed and I was 100% exhausted by!) as she did when she saw these three red ornaments I strung together and hung on the stair post as an afterthought!! Everything is magical at their age, I think, even the mundane. And don't even get me started on the Elf!! No one better ever tell my girl about the elf or I just might go crazy!!! You're doing awesome mama, I have NO doubt!! xo

  2. I totally feel ya! It's hard for me to know the balance between cleaning time and down time!


  3. Ah, your comment about Christmas cards is me to tee. We have a love/hate relationship that is 99% love. Getting other peoples really is the best part though!


  4. Love She & Him! And sorry to add to your crazy today by stopping by last minute for a home tour!!! Hope everything feels less overwhelming tomorrow. Loving getting caught up on your blog :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on motherhood and crazy busy weekends. I think you're safely a good parent if you're even a little concerned about how your kids are doing. They won't remember in 5 years what the Elf on the Shelf did or didn't do, they will remember how much you loved them!


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