Unwinding with Netflix Over the Holidays

Well, look a there, somehow a week has gone by without posting?! That's what happens I guess when husbands who help a ton go out of town and sweet little crazy two year olds break your camera (and then catch a cold) and the hustle and bustle of Christmas hits full swing (we are going to FIVE parties this weekend). I may or may not have sobbed myself to sleep last night. Just too much! Loved hearing you guys weigh in on the notsofair dolling of responsibilities this time of year, but the truth is that I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being a big part of the sweet memories our family will treasure for ever. Come Christmas morning it will all be worth it! (below image found here)

So, about that unwinding. What are some of your Christmas traditions? Sam and I love a good binge session on Netflix because it's so rare that we get to do that these days! Would love your viewing suggestions as well. I like not too scary, funny, teenish, suspenseful, clever, etc. :) I am not crazy about overly vulgar or bloody. k thanks. Click through to see some candidates:

The Bletchley Circle was recommended because we liked The Killing and Luther, both of which are seriously scary but they are smart and intriguing which is why I got hooked on both of them. Season three sort of lost me with The Killing - way too dark, but this show about four murder-crime-solving women has me intrigued.

On a lighter note... ever since we've renovated it's been really hard for me to watch HGTV, it was just all too real BUT we absolutely love Rehab Addict and I could never catch it because it came on so late so I'm so pumped to watch all 25 episodes. Love Nicole!

A funny story. When I was like 15 or something I wanted a punching bag like the one she had in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar was it wasn't she?! I used it ummm once? Sorry Dad, I know hanging it had to be fun. Not sure how I missed that Buffy is on Netflix, but now you know too!

Sam won't be binging on this with me but I have loved Kelly Cutrone since the City (was she on the Hills?) and so Kel on Earth will be one of my top picks. I love the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world. Talk about vacating my norm!

This isn't a tv show but I love Sofia Coppola and I think this is the only film of hers that I haven't seen. In Somewhere, Elle Fanning plays Stephen Dorff's daughter who surprises him with a visit.

Also, on the little people front, All Hail King Julien debuts today and I think the girls will get a total kick out of this. Excited to have another fun show to add to the mix.

I'll be popping in here and there but want to wish you all the merriest of Christmases while I recharge and spend some time with my sweet family. <3

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  1. I watched "Dear Santa" a Romantic Christmas movie, the other night and enjoyed it. Not sure if it's your style or not.


    1. cheesy christmas movies are my love language! thanks hannah! xo


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