Weekend Notes 32

I mentioned yesterday that I am trying to stay calm and underwhelmed during this season of peace and reflection. Wishing you all the same! We are in charge of our days and time and I think it's important to keep quiet time as a part of it so our systems don't get run down and exhausted. Can I get an amen? I feel very relaxed this year which is the complete opposite of how I felt last year. It was the heaviest, saddest Christmas I've ever had so I was determined to find so much joy this year. That's why I created a bucket list. :)

A few notes:

+ Sam has some gorgeous pieces at the 200 Mill pop-up this weekend. Come and shop!
+ I'm excited to dive into this book this weekend to get some good recipe ideas for a January cleanse      that I'm doing with my team.
+ Made this recipe (search comments) for dinner and it's a new favorite.
+ I'm busy making a list of gifts to give this year. The men always give me fits.
+ This looks and sounds sooo good.
+ The kittens are climbing our Christmas tree. Any tips? Ahhhh.
+ Everything on my wish list this year fall into the "keep dreaming" category. How gorgeous is this?
+ My friend Katie is teaching a really fun class on DIY Christmas gifts. I'm so excited about it!

Hope you all do something fun and exciting this weekend!! xx

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  1. re: the kitty ornaments (ha!)'s hard for them to resist the sparkly lights and shiny ornaments, but citrus scents seem to deter cats and we also put aluminum foil under the tree skirt so it makes a startling noise if/when they step on it. I know you also got a real tree this year, so make sure to keep them away from the tree water and any loose needles...some can be toxic to cats, especially little bitty ones!

    1. thanks for the advice sweet girl! merry christmas!

  2. "The kittens are climbing our Christmas tree." ha! I love it. Unfortunately I have no advice to this, but it's adorable. :)

  3. So much goodness! I stopped by 200 Mill today after grabbing lunch at Stockyard - I could pretty much spend an entire paycheck there! Saw Sam's goodies, but didn't realize they were his until I read this post! AND ~ the roasted carrots recipe you posted for Thanksgiving... DELISH and the whole family love them! Check out for some other good clean dishes, they're locals too! Have a great weekend

    1. aw love that you went by brandi!! that makes me so happy and yes it's an AMAZING spot for gifts. :)


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