10 Years

Last weekend the talented Alea Moore came over to shoot some promo pictures for re/prom which I mentioned last friday. Joni brought over 25 heart balloons and we had the best time playing in confetti and laughing with our husbands while a sweet babysitter wrangled our 8 girls (combined :)) upstairs. Not a bad way to spend a sunday morning, huh? Joni has tons more photos and info about this incredible event on her beautiful blog. Ticket prices go up tomorrow, so don't delay! Best Valentine's Day ever!

Back to the title of this blog post... this March Sam and I will have been married for 10 years, a whole decade. I don't know that I've gleaned anything mind blowing to share about what makes a marriage work. I feel like we are both still learning every day. I do know that I love Sam more than ever. We've been through a tremendous amount in our marriage: death, natural disasters, divorce, terrible jobs, great jobs, babies, five moves, you name it and it seems to have found us. At the end of the day though, I wouldn't trade a single second for that naive 24 year old love we had when we first got married.

I remember feeling sort of disappointed on my honeymoon, the let down after the wedding hit me kind of hard, I was more interested in the time at what my friends thought of my wedding that actually starting a new life with my husband (shows my age doesn't it?!). I was overwhelmed by a reality not meeting a fantasy. Weren't we supposed to lay around in bed all day feeding each other strawberries?! I had zero clue of what it meant to be a wife and honestly, I'm still learning, along with learning how to be the best mama I can be and having that all fall into balance. I'm a firm believer in God, husband, children, but sometimes the order gets messed up and sometimes I end up at the very top, putting my own wishes first. That's one of my goals this year is to serve more.

Sam and I are taking a big trip to Big Sur this year to celebrate and I've just honestly never been happier. I'm so thankful to be able to say that. I love getting to do life with this incredible man. It may sound cheesy but he really does make me want to be a better person. Sam is so giving of himself and his time. He's never too tired to put out that last bag of garbage on the street, to wash that last pot, to tuck in the girls. He never complains about it, he just does it. I married up. SO thankful that he sees good things in me, even when I'm my worst. Three cheers to making it last, babe! XO

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  1. This made me tear up. You have 5 years
    On us and I covet your wisdom. Love your heart sweet sweet lady.

  2. I married up too! Love y'all so much.

  3. You two are very lucky. Love you both!

  4. I know I've told you this 2486877 times before, but you and Sam are what softened my heart towards marriage. It's amazing how the Lord uses the people in our lives in ways that only He understands. Love you!

  5. Loved reading this. I will celebrate 9 years of marriage this August. We were 24 years too when we got married, oh how we have matured since then.

  6. Happy (belated) Anni!

    JG and I are celebrating nine years married this year. We started off as naive 24 year olds too. Love your honesty...definitely couldn't agree more. ;) Great post. Love the pics! Enjoy your trip! xo

  7. Thank you for your writing! I always leave your blog remembering to feel grateful!

    We will be married ten years as well this June. To celebrate, we are flying into San Diego and driving up the coast to San Francisco. We will be spending two nights in Big Sur, and I'd love to hear about any plans you've made.


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