Friends on Netflix + a Few More Favorites

Hey guys! So, one of Sam and my favorite things to do is to get hooked on a TV show and watch it start to finish superfast on Netflix, I think the term for that is "binging." Life seems busier than ever lately and we haven't be able to do this as much but we have been LOVING re-watching all of Friends in chronological order (which I've never done) and Sam has never seen Friends. I know. I pee laugh watching this show. It's just as funny now. We just watched the episode when Joey teaches Ross to talk dirty and Chandler catches them in the middle of it. I die.

Other things we are loving or want to watch:

+ William and Kate - I am such an anglophile and this is a friday-night-in dream come true!

+ Have you seen The Interview? This is the controversial comedy that they pulled from theaters because of threats from North Korea.

+ OK, so don't judge me. Dance Moms. Only because I'm obsessed with Maddie from the Chandelier music video and want to know all things.

+ If you haven't seen First Position or Jig, watch one tonight! Both follow dancers and it's incredibly inspiring, first one of the ballerina variety and the second one of the Irish jig variety. Fascinating!

+ So many good 80's movies on there right now: Heathers, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueler's Day Off... to name a few!

+ "I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs!" One of the most quoted movies of all time: Can't Hardly Wait

What are you streaming right now?

photo via Vanity Fair

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  1. Threats from North Korea ;) South Korea is wonderful!

    1. ha! clearly i'm super current on my events. ;) thanks!

  2. I've been watching "Hell On Wheels" lately... not for little eyes, and a bit of bloody murder, but it's a western based on building the railroad out west after the Civil War. There's a lot of tension, and I never thought I'd be into something like it, but I binge-watched the first two seasons and I'm having to hold off on starting season three so I don't get sucked in again! It was on AMC (Walking Dead, etc) so it's a bit brutal at times, but they had to keep it clean enough for TV, so it's not Game of Thrones gore-y or nudity.

  3. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries! It's from the Australian Broadcasting Company and it's a new favorite. So glitzy and glamorous and based in the 1920's. But my hubby will even watch it (and likes it!!)

  4. oh my gosh, "can't hardly wait" brings me back! i definitely had the soundtrack back in the day.

  5. I don't think this is on Netflix yet, because it's currently in it's first season. But I recommend checking out the new TruTV show Branson Famous! It's about this family that runs a Branson show and it's so over the top and dramatic, I love it! They even sing some of their one on one interviews! You can watch them through the TruTV website.


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