Hey you guys! OK, so I am still alive. On New Year's Eve my computer crashed along with all of my software (tear) so it has taken some time to get up and running. My camera lens also took a two year old beating so working on getting that fixed too. Just have to laugh! Anyways, I'm back and thankful for the new year. One of our New Year goals as a family this year is to have more FUN. Sam (who is way more fun than me) got the girls all packed up for an adventure a couple of saturdays ago.

Adventure necessities: back pack, princess toy, flash light, blanket, and tutu. Naturally!

Have you heard of geocaching? It's basically treasure hunting. You can download the app and find the ones near you. People hide these little boxes and then you have to find them. Once you do you can leave a note with your names and the date and typically you can take something from the box but you must leave something in return.

Sam showed Matilda how to read a compass and how to find it on the phone. I would say this is SO awesome for the 4+ crowd. Bee hung in there though and we actually found two of them. There is seriously no greater thrill and Matilda got unbelievably pumped to discover one and Sam found the other.

We found one behind some bushes and another buried under some bricks. The boxes can be all different sizes and typically the app will give you a tiny clue as to what you are looking for.

Have fun!!


  1. I've been wanting to Geocache for years now! Our son is 4, so maybe this shoud be the year we start!


  2. so fun! that's right up our alley. i'll have to see if we can do it in london!!


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