Make it Happen Brunch

This past weekend was such a fun whirlwind. I taught a class was some incredible people on friday night (see here) and then had some of my teammates over for a goal setting brunch saturday morning. I can think of nothing more fun than yummy food, inspiring women and goal setting! It's one of my favorite things. My friend Katie and I wanted to surprise the girls with some fun treats like this amazing book and a binder full of ideas and tools to get started with their goals and businesses. Helping other women support their families is a huge passion of mine!
Because we had the class the night before everyone came with a healthy dish the following morning, which was so awesome and I loved trying some new recipes! We had chia pudding (a new fave!), grain and sugar free chocolate pumpkin muffins (yum!), bacon and onion fritattas, fresh fruit, granola, a delicious cucumber salad, mixed greens and ningxia red. :)

I am so excited about 2015 and spreading health and wellness! Just brings so much joy to my heart. I heard so many heart breaking stories over the weekend of health issues and chronic illness. Thankful that God gave us natural resources. Praying for healing all the time!

That's a pretty group of ladies!! Wish I could have gotten a photo of all of us! If you're interested in getting started with essential oils and joining this incredible team you can click here for more info. <3

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  1. What a pretty table, and yummy looking food! Oh, and I finally got my first essential oils(well, besides a clove oil I have had for awhile) this week from a close local friend. I got Thieves and lemon! SO exciting! Thanks for all your wonderful essential oil posts! They are an inspiration!



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