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I woke up this morning and could barely peel my eyes open. Just a little hump day exhaustion, ya know? The thought of getting both girls ready and breakfast, the school drop off and then grocery store and the bank with a two year old had me beat before my feet even hit the ground. Sometimes I swear my thoughts wear me out more than the actual activities but well no not sure if that's true. Ha!

Yesterday morning Matilda came downstairs with all of these puppets that she had made with our names on them. She's just magic that little one, my heart fills with pride watching her learn to tie her shoes, to write and read, to create. We've been practicing drawing together which has always been one of my favorite things. I grew up drawing and painting with my Papa and Lynndaddy and they are some of my most cherished moments. I was on a little cloud all morning, dropped Bee off at school (she is so loved there and I just thank my lucky stars to have found such amazing women to help me be able to get a shower or a little work done). Anyways, came home and went upstairs and !!! it looked like a bomb had gone off in Matilda's room. I have to laugh about it! I sent Sam a text and he was like, "she's an artist!." Haha! It took me a solid hour to clean up the markers, paper clippings, dirty clothes, toothpaste that somehow had soap all over it. Just too funny not to crack up about it.

I went through the Starbucks drive thru (as I often do these days and then Bee and I drive around looking at houses - guilty pleasure!) and the guy taking my order is a friend's son. Before Sam and I got married I was in a small group for singles at a young married couple's house. They had two little ones that I adored and I loved getting those big squeezes from them before they got all tucked in. Sharing that story because the little boy who was younger than Matilda at the time was now taking my order and telling me about his college acceptance letter he had just received. Tears filled up in my eyes as I drove away because I saw first hand how fast that happens. Just mind blowing, so instead of fretting over giant messes or two year old tantrums, I am soaking up all the valentine-making, hugs, fort building, castle making, I can get!

I also have a really amazing story to share before I get back to the dishes and laundry ;)... earlier this week I got an email from one of Til's teachers saying that she was complaining of ear pain. I picked her up at school and she wailed at soon as she got in the car. I am all too familiar with ear infections myself so my heart ached for her. When we got home I put some lavender and purification oil down the outside of her ear to her lymph nodes for about an hour as well as some diluted deep relief and not one complaint since. You can read more about that here if you are interested. XO

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  1. Yep, that kind of morning over here too. Wonderful story; what a perfect example and a great reminder to relishing the moment. Especially love the "she's an artist" anecdote, thank you for sharing!!!

  2. such a beautiful picture of you two! she is looking more and more like you I think ;)

  3. Yes, I keep hearing time passes so quickly. The house is a mess, and my 2 year old has been having lots of tantrums lately, but today my 4 year old son and I had fun coming up with a Batman costume, and I get lots of hugs from them, and "love you much", and "I love you Mom," that they just melt my heart, and keep me relishing the gift of these days!


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