Netflix Recommendation: TINY

One of my favorite categories on Netflix is documentaries. I feel like we can ALWAYS find something interesting to watch. I've heard about this tiny house movement for a while now and was curious to learn more. Sam was pretty uninterested until he realized in the movie TINY, we would follow one man's journey of building his own tiny house by hand (men.). I wouldn't say that this movie made me want to live in a tiny house but it was definitely interesting and got me thinking about what we really need to live and how we could pare down. There are certainly some drawbacks to living in under 200 sq feet (insert scream face emoji here) but I think the people who are doing it are certainly inspiring although it seems to be a particular demographic and age bracket that are jumping on the trend. A lot of these houses are on wheels as well because they often don't meet city code because they are so small (most towns have a min of 600 sq feet).

Here are some tiny houses for your viewing enjoyment:

Tall men, tiny house.

A tiny house interior shot by Lincoln Barbour. A family of four lives here! You can see more of this 557 sq foot home here.

Here is a sustainable "micro cabin." This couple built everything themselves and it's 196 sq feet!! The argument is to live on less, have less debt, have a smaller carbon foot print etc. I love the colors on this one!

There is actually a Tiny House Hotel in Portland!! This is the "skyline." You can see 44 incredible tiny houses here.

What do you think? Could you live in a tiny house?!

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  1. yes yes, I adore all of these! I don't know if we could live in one full time, but would be perfect as empty nesters or a weekend getaway

    1. that's what we said. perfect for a weekend! xo

  2. I think for a family it would be difficult. You would definitely have to have the mindset for it, and you wouldn't be able to store hand-me-downs, etc. so would have to buy things more frequently I suppose. But I think for singles, it would be perfect! Also, like you say, for a weekend place, and have a HUGE deck!


  3. One of my favorite shows is Tiny House Nation on FYI. You should check it out!

  4. I just love tiny houses! I follow another blogger (Sam Wish) who just finished building and moved into her new tiny house with her husband and young daughter. (And she also sells oils!)

    (I typed this once and it didn't go through, so sorry if this is a duplicate post!)


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