San Francisco to Big Sur Trip Guide Part Two | Carmel

This is part two of our California road trip for our ten year anniversary (you can read the first part here). After we spent the morning in Monterey walking along the coast and taking it easy we packed up to head south to Carmel. I had heard so many great things about Carmel and really wish we could have maybe spent one night in this cute little beach town but we were able to have an amazing lunch at Le Bicyclette.

We had the most amazing meal at this adorable french-inspired restaurant. I had a killer burger (ok, so I love a hamburger people) and Sam had a really amazing margarita pizza from their pizza oven (this is what they are known for) and then we split their chocolate mousse (bless!). I loved all the quirky touches throughout the restaurant like this wall of chairs and I drank rose all the live long day. I loved this local one so much they we bought a bottle to take back to my mama.

Afterwards I was really obsessed with finding the fairytale cottages which I thought were all together but they are actually scattered about. We finally found Hansel and Gretel on Torres. SO adorable, huh?

Afterwards we tried to catch a peek of Clint Eastwood at his Mission Ranch. Sam is a HUGE fan and while we didn't see him we did see all of his sheep. So precious and such a gorgeous part of town.

From there we headed to Point Lobos which was recommended by a friend and just around the corner. This was one of the very most beautiful views and parks. Not a strenuous hike at all. *Tip: most of the parks are $10 but each time you go to a park you get a ticket which gives you access to all of the Monterey Peninsula parks until sunset.

Coming up is all things Big Sur which we completely fell in love with and I have so much to share about.

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