Spring Session with Katie Oblinger Photography

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It's no secret that I love working with Katie Oblinger (see here and here). Her work blows me away every time and I just like hanging out with her and she laughs at my OCD and we just click. These photos she took of my sweet family literally melted my heart. So thankful for this precious gift of having these moments frozen in time. Thank you Katie, for being you and for allowing us to be us.

We were just wanting something really natural and spring-y and fresh. Matilda and I love snapping the beans together which I have the fondest memories of doing as a child, barefoot on the front porch.

Phoebe was not going to just use the carrot as a prop... CHOMP. Love this photo so much because it is totally authentic. Best kind of family photo in my opinion.

I treasure this of me and my girl.

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  1. They are all so sweet! What great photos to treasure.
    Also, I just love your shirt!

  2. These are so precious, Lesley. You have such a beautiful family, and as always, I'm smitten with the light in your kitchen. xo

  3. these are precious pictures. gorgeous house. and where oh where did you get that shirt?!?!

  4. So much cuteness! You look gorgeous!



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