The Essence of Big Sur Bath Salts

So, funny story. When I was planning our recent trip I booked a spa appointment to surprise Sam. I booked our very first couples massage and was super excited about it. When we got to the spa we had a completely lovely two hour massage but there was some miscommunication (probably on my end!) and we ended up with a wee bit of sticker shock (#worthit) but ever since we've come home I've tried to re-create the "essence of Big Sur" chez Graham. I picked up these gorgeous Heath Ceramic bowls at the Ferry Building in San Francisco as a souvenir and knew they would work so great to hold salts (of all kinds!).

There was so much about Big Sur that we loved that I can't even sum it up in a short blog post. Sam and I have talked in length about the difference in attitude and stress levels on the California coast. We want that here! I've been trying really hard to do a great job of unwinding at the end of the day with salt baths and/or yoga. Not only are salt baths detoxing, but they are so great for relaxing. The gardens in Big Sur were in full bloom so I was inspired by the jasmine and lavender and all of the amazing cacti and succulents!! Garden heaven!! Ylang Ylang is more affordable than Jasmine and offers those same gorgeous floral notes. It's a new favorite.

There were so many adorable campers while we were out there so I had to include this darling tea towel that I picked up from 200 Mill this weekend. Perfect, huh? Those rocks came from the ocean at Pfieffer Beach and they work amazing well as diffusers, too. Put a few drops of oils and rub in the stone and the scent lasts for days!

The Essence of Big Sur Bath Salts

You will need:

+ Dried lavender
+ 4 drops Ylang Ylang Oil (smells incredible!!)
+ 4 drops Lavender Oil

Place ingredients in a small bowl or measuring cup and run under hot bath water. Bliss.

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