Bikini Series!!

OK! So excited. Started the Tone it Up bikini series yesterday and I have needed to do something like this for so long. As mamas and women we do and do for everyone but usually put ourselves last and right now more than ever I need to invest in myself. My energy has been low and my stress levels beyond high and I knew I needed a change. I love the community and support that Tone it Up offers (this is NOT sponsored!) and I cannot wait to commit to their meal plan and exercise routine. I've known how to eat healthy for a while now but not what to eat when and what boosts your metabolism, etc. I've also never been good at meal planning so it was very exciting to have sunday to meal prep for the week and it is already paying off! Exercise has never been a consistent in my life so very excited to change that.

Yesterday Matilda and I made chili, snacks (pre-portioned in snack bags - what what!), protein muffins and last night I made some chia pudding. This morning I chopped and roasted a sweet potato and I'll chop and prep throughout the week. My refrigerator is full of gorgeous food! I've been waking up at 5:30 to do my morning cardio and it feels so good! I make my coffee the night before so that it is brewing when I wake up and then I drink my coffee while getting inspired for the day and then I hit it hard. This morning was tough!! I shared my post-workout routine here.

I'm going to be sharing my progress photos here every two weeks which is terrifying but also totally motivating. They are choosing three grand prize winners to go to Mexico! Want! Matilda was so sweet and encouraging, "Mama, I think you can win!" I want to prove to her and any other woman out there that change is possible and that achieving goals and dreams is totally possible! Are you doing this? Have you done one before? Let's chat!

Some of my goals for the challenge:

+ To feel strong! Push ups, let's do this!
+ To feel confident in a bathing suit. Found my dream one here. I've created a little "rewards" board on pinterest to motivate me as I go along. :)
+ To create the foundation for a permanent healthy lifestyle.
+ To gain endurance and to look fit! Yes!

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  1. Love this! I will be following along and gaining inspiration for myself!

  2. Go Lesley go! I am proud of you girlfriend! I will need to do this in the fall:)

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