Easter + Balance

We just got home from a dreamy weekend in Heflin where my grandparents live way back in the woods. I caught myself thanking God over and over again that we were able to be with my grandparents and that the girls get to have these rich, beautiful experiences with them. That they get to walk the same trails that we've walked for 20 years, that they get to dye eggs with Grammy, that Sam and I get to work on projects in Lynndaddy's workshop. Oh, God is so good.

We worked on a little something for the Home Depot Style Challenge. Hoping it's going to come together just the way I've pictured it in my head. Love Lynndaddy's creative brain and I absolutely treasure the hilarity that comes with working on something together. Lots of heckling and name calling and I definitely threw in the towel early and begged Sam to pick up my slack. Have I mentioned I'm not a big DIYer?!

Matilda was an ace at dying eggs but Phoebe was more, throw the eggs in and see what happens. The craziest 5 minutes of egg dying ever. Oh, Bee, we love you so much. This two year old age is a little nutty. She keeps me on ALL toes.

Grammy always makes everything so special. I love seeing their hands on every nook and cranny, they have put their touch on everything... customized frames, broken and colorful bowls in the planters, gold leaf around Lynndaddy's paintings, all brings so much joy to my heart.

These moments... UNO with Aunt Rachel, me, Til and Sam, gator rides through the woods, movie snuggles with Bee feel more poignant and important than ever. It was so wonderful to get meal advice and life advice from Grammy and Lynndaddy. I've been reading this book and really focusing on all 7 Fs of life: faith, family, fun, field, finance, friends and fitness and it's been really putting everything into perspective. I need more focused time with my people on the weekend and less crazy, running around time that is pretending to be quality time.

The Easter bunny found us! It's amazing what a little creativity at Walgreens can bring - ha! - I had to run in and grab most of this at the very last minute but found these shoes for Bee and this book for Til and felt like I had scored pretty big.

After a weekend of delicious food (and crazy amounts of candy!) I think Sam and I are starting a Whole 30 tomorrow. I've been doing yoga as a part of the #essentiallyyoga challenge and I am loving Yoga Glo. So great for mamas. <3

Hope you all had a very happy Easter with the ones you love the most and that you felt the love of Christ who makes all things new.

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  1. What a beautiful Easter ❤️

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful time together. Cherish it!

  3. Your girls are so darn sweet. Need to meet them soon. Easter renews me every year. Hope yours was wonderful!


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