Weekend Chick Flicks on Netflix

Ever have those weeks where you just need to unplug from everything and either laugh hysterically or ugly cry into a bowl of ice cream? Ok, good. Me too. Here are some of my favoritteeee chick flicks to watch tonight or over the weekend. One of my original favorite slumber party movies is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." It's on Netflix!!

I love this movie. Can't we all relate to Bridget Jones?! Oh, it's so good and Hugh Grant is so bad and babely in it.

Being from the south, watching Steel Magnolias is like a pre-rec to womanhood. This one will definitely make you cry but it is so funny and heartfelt and shows all the things I love about being a southern lady. SO great.

I was so obsessed with Claire Danes growing up and thought this movie was ahhhhhhmazing. I haven't watched it since the 90's. It may be terrible now. Ha!

Confession: I've never actually seen Footloose, or at least all of it. I know. I need to make that right.

Here are some other great options:

+ Mean Girls
+ 13 Going on 30
+ Clueless of course!

What are your favorite chick flicks?! Don't be shy!

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  1. I just love all of Baz Luhrmann's movies! That Romeo & Juliet is so fun!

  2. Some seriously great ones here. Including some I haven't seen in years. Used to listen to that Romeo + Juliet soundtrack over and over and over again.


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