Front Porch Makeover with Home Depot

After participating in the Home Depot Style Challenge last year, they so kindly invited us to participate in another challenge this year and in my favorite category... PLANTS! This front porch makeover is for the non-DIYer that wants to spruce up their porch without spending a lot of money or time. I had so much fun picking out all of the amazing plants at Home Depot and making our home come back to life after such a long and cold winter. You can see the entire post with resources right here.

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  1. Those hanging plants look fantastic on your porch! And I love that you have the string lights up as well, they're great!

  2. So lovely! Where did you purchase the galvanized buckets?

  3. Love the plants and those rocking chairs, so beautiful! I also love the colour of your front door :)


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