Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day Sam asked me to clear our calendar for the weekend for some low-key family time. It is crazy how hard that seems to come by these days so it's something we are both being much more aware of. I have stopped checking email over the weekend, only posting occasionally on social media and it really makes me feel so much more zen and relaxed. Ahhhh.

Over the weekend we went to the farmer's market and I was excited to meet Ayla from Soul Flowers. She is new to town and I wanted to support her and picked up the most gorgeous blooms for my mama (the girls are wearing the sweetest dresses that my mom picked up for them at seed factory). Rachel and I took her to The Butcher the Baker saturday night for dinner and it was the most special girls night. We had the most amazing (and delicious!) time.

We broke out the double stroller for the first time of the season and walked a ton over the weekend. I've been shooting for 12,000+ steps a day on my fitbit. I have been living in this dress and those shoes. Love!

Updog Smoothies has the most amazing green smoothie that I talked about here. If you are ever at BeYoga you can order your smoothie before class and they will have it ready for you after. Just a fun tip!

On Mother's Day we spent all day outdoors playing. It was so perfect! We went to the mountain and played ball, hiked the trails and then came home for sprinkler time with pineapple and Sam grilled us some steaks that were SO amazing. So thankful. My heart is always a little heavy on mother's day thinking about all of the people who have lost their mothers or little ones or for those who are wanting to become mothers. It's something that I always think of and brings me back to a place of complete gratitude and thanks because I know how special it is to still have my mama and my little ones. So much perspective lately as it seems like daily and I made aware of the fragility of life. Praying over my people with ferver these days. Much love to all of you!
I almost can't handle the sweetness of this photo!!

Love my girls so much. Can't believe that Matilda is almost a first grader!! Just unreal. So proud.
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  1. Happy mother's day! It looks like you all had the most perfect weekend to celebrate.
    Thank you for mentioning your thoughts for all of those that have a hard time on mother's day. xx


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