My Favorite Apps

I love hearing what apps people really love to use so I wanted to share some new and old favorites with you guys. I feel like my phone is a bit of a frenemy but you can't deny how useful it is sometimes. That lockscreen is from the She Reads Truth girls. An awesome reminder as we face each day.

+ Exercise:

- Let's get started! OK, so I love my Fitbit (I bought this to keep mine from falling off) and one of my best friends and I are using the app to do a workweek hustle challenge. SO fun and I need to hurry and finish this post so I can make up the 10,000 steps she magically got this morning. ;)

- My friend Keri told me about the 7 app and it's basically a HIIT workout that is 7 minutes long. I'll do it three times in a row for a killer (and FREE) workout.

- Ease into 5k. Lately I use the last setting where you specify a mileage goal and then do that. It can be a little buggy but it does the job.

+ Groceries:

- For some reason I am just now finding an app to do my grocery shopping with. Anytime I run out of something I add it to my Shopping List Free app. I love that you can check things off but it saves what you put in the first time so you can easily add them back in. I also love that when you bring it to the store, once you open the app the phone doesn't shut off, so you don't have to keep swiping and opening up the phone to see the list.

+ Photos + Emojis:

- I love VSCO for photo editing, A Beautiful Mess for collages and Bitmoji is this hilarious app where you can create your own emoji and text hilarious photos to your friends. It is a serious blues buster and LOLer.

+ Meditation: 

- I love taking hot, oil-infused baths while listening to guided meditation. Omvana is free and lovely.

What are some of your favorite every day apps?

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  1. I definitely need to try Omvana myself! And I hadn't considered an app for my grocery list; I just use the "notes" app and then completely forget to look at it later.

  2. I love the Think Dirty App, especially when you're in the store and need a beauty product in a allows you to make a quick decision if ingredients and quality is top priority :)


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