Summer 2015 Bucket List

School is officially out a week from tomorrow so Matilda and I made a summer bucket list while we were cooking dinner one night. Oh the smell of fresh cut grass, chlorine and honeysuckle... bring it!

Last summer I got stressed out because I didn't plan. This year I have camps set up (do your homework - so many fun options and a lot of them very affordable!), scheduled 2 mornings a week to do what I need to do and I want to create structure to our week: mondays - library for story time, tuesday - meet up with friends, wednesday - go to the park, etc.

We are putting in our fence (I think...) this summer instead of going on a family vacation (here's our favorite spot) so I'm channeling all the beach vibes here.

+ Go to the lake
+ Light sparklers
+ Throw a neighborhood Fourth party
+ Go out to get ice cream
+ Go white water rafting
+ Try paddle boarding - this has been on my list for the past 3 years
+ Get a manicure with Matilda
+ Buy our summer sandals - sort of feeling these flashbacks to 7th grade, love them for kids too!
+ A weekend in Heflin
+ Grill out at least once a week. Holler!
+ Run in the sprinklers
+ Camping with s'mores of course (this is my kind of camping)
+ Night swimming
+ Watch the fireflies
+ Buy water buckets to play outside with
+ Get Matilda swimming!
+ Spin frozen margs
+ Have weekly date nights! We have never done this before and I think it is so important - even just 2 hours out with each other can be so good and such a great reset
+ Make homemade popsicles (love these molds!)

What is on your list?!

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  1. Love your list Lesley! I'm looking forward to kicking off summer this weekend with some family camping! You take the most beauty-filled pictures, by the way


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