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I have been a life long fan of the company Patagonia - their vision for sustainability and making quality gear are just my jam. My Dad has jackets that he still wears that are just as cool 30 years later. Not many companies can speak to that. They also did this ad which is totally rad:

So I was very interested in the documentary 180 South that was inspired by founder Yvon Chouinard and his best friend Doug Tompkins (founder of the North Face) and their trip from Ventura, California to Patagonia, Chile in the 60's. The home videos are so awesome and so are their stories that inspired the film. This 2010 documentary was directed by Chris Malloy and covers the journey of Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic trip. Johnson decided to make climbing the Corcovado Volcano in Patagonia his life goal after speaking to the pioneers and then planned his own adventure. Perfect summer flick.

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