Summer Lately + Currently Reading

Summer is slipping away it seems. With early mornings and long days it is hard to believe! I have been working so hard on several passion projects. I created a new website for my oils community (so many exciting new things happening with the Golden Drop Society!), have been trying to tackle a big project in the back yard (plan b!) and most importantly I am getting to play my starring role of mama. It has been so nice having Matilda home and I know Phoebe treasures this time too. I took extra time with them last night with a proper bath and pampering, breathing in their little post-soapy skin while I brushed their hair. Heart breakingly sweet moments that I am trying to bottle up in my jar for the hard moments that come along with growing pains and two-year old tantrums. :)

my new bag from my friend jennifer

Currently reading:

+ For the girls: The Bear's Great Sea Escape (we found this darling book at my favorite, seed factory)
+ Home Making: re-reading this favorite because I feel like I need a constant reminder of what is really important. This book analyzes the qualities that each family member should possess to create an amazing Christian home life. So beautifully written it brings tears to my eyes.
+ The Best Yes - oh man, I am a people pleaser by nature and constantly feel guilty. This is such a breath of fresh air!

What is on your summer reading list? I am a self-help and spiritual inspiration lover haha and rarely read fiction. It's a little sad and I should read for fun more. So, hit me! I'm also on a podcast kick so if you have any great recommendations I would love those too.

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  1. Have you listened to Invisibilia yet?? It's an NPR podcast and it's awesome. I accidentally listened to all the episodes in one week. Whoops!

    Thank you so much for the picture! So exciting to see it here!
    Much love to you!

  2. After the 12th reminder, just ordered that book. Thank you!!

  3. We just started listening to the Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids podcasts on CBC radio. So funny!

  4. Hi Lesley! I love your blog :) I too am a self help and spiritual life junkie. I branched into non fiction this summer. I read "The Girl on the Train" and loved it. Have you read "My Year with Eleanor"? It's self-help esque but with a memoir style. I liked it a lot. For podcasts "Serial" was riveting. I also listen to Vagina Chronicles Podcast and get a lot out of most episodes.



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