Oh my goodness! I just got home from a whirlwind five day trip to Texas for Young Living's International Convention. It was so surreal to be there with my Golden Drop girls and my precious mentor's Casey and Kristen. I missed my people something fierce but it was such a special and wonderful time and I can't wait to do it again next year! Casey and Kristen threw the cutest mocktail party the first night with cookies from Alicia the Cookie Girl and Ningxia Red (a super food drink) mixed with La Croix and grapefruit. Yum!

Ashley, Eryn, Erin, me, Kristina, Erin, Katie, Rebecca

This group of women right here I've been working with for a year, they are the heart and soul of the Golden Drop Society. They are smart, funny, wise, creative and obviously beautiful. So thankful for each and every one of them. They traveled from Tennessee, London, California! It was the first time I had met several of them in real life. So fun! The convention was hosted at the beautiful Gaylord hotel in Grapevine, Texas. This place is seriously unreal. The indoor atrium was so gorgeous.

I found the cutest customizable journals from Minted that I personalized with a note on the inside. My dear friend Erica from Yes Ma'am Paper + Goods did the hand lettering for me. I love it so much!

Here is some of our extended team with our amazing mentor Courtney Critz of the Babysteps team.

Katie and Ashley were the first to jump right in with me. They loved the oils from the beginning and have been my rocks and leaders from the get go. They are both incredible, strong, gorgeous women!

The RED bar at the Expo was You could order Ningxia red slushies, shots with different oils (I loved the "Tingly Lips") as well as the new drink, "Zyng." One of the neatest parts about Convention was getting to hands-on experience all of the new products that they released before anyone else. I absolutely love the new Thieves laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid and Cool Azul feels amazing and tingly on tired body parts. Love! The new oil, "Northern Lights Farm Black Spruce" is also a new favorite. We diffused it the whole time we were there and they diffused it during the release as well. Amazing!

A special group of ladies got to ride in a Hummer limo to the Babysteps office where we were spoiled with the sweetest gifts and delicious treats from Courtney. I felt so lucky to be there!

I participated in my first ever organized run! The Light Up the Night fun run was a crazy explosion of neon glow and was for such an amazing cause. We got to learn more about the Young Living Foundation while we were there and their mission to partner with Sole Hope and to support children in Croatia and Ecuador. It was incredible to be a part of.

I feel so blessed to get to share health and wellness alongside some of my favorite people. Rebecca was one of the first people to introduce oils to me and Erin and I were pregnant with our sweet baby girls at the same time and met through blogging. It was so fun to get to hang out with everyone this weekend!

Kristen and Casey are my go-tos, some of my best friends, my business inspirations and more. They are such a huge blessing to my life and it was so fun to be with them for five days. It was surreal! Nothing better than working with your friends.

If you are interested at all in joining our amazing community and getting started with your own oils, you can click here to find out more. I was so inspired to hear the vision and history of Young Living and firmly believe more than ever that I made the right choice with signing up with them. They are precious, God loving people. Also, if you sign up for oils with a premium starter kit this month I will send you some goodies and this adorable oils pouch. Can't wait to welcome you to the Golden Drop Society!

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  1. So so fun to get to be together! Love you girl and can't wait to see you next year!

  2. Wow, how fun this Convention was!! All those cookies are so creative. Thanks for such a wonderful share. Well, these days I am very busy in arranging my annual corporate event. I have to miss the family NYE party too.


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