The Last Weekend of Summer

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It's here, the last weekend of summer. July flew by like a hot, sweaty little thing. We spent the week picking up school supplies and preparing our hearts. We made first day of school roller balls and have started talking about our new routines. My mama heart has been aching lately with worry over all sorts of things, but we are called to focus on the present and that's what I am trying so hard to do.

We have house warmings and birthday parties this weekend and lots of prep work to get done. i'm going to tryyy to be better about meal prepping and getting lunches under control on sundays. Saw this post which I am going to investigate and these boxes are still in excellent shape from last year and my favorite way to pack lunches.

Sam and I are still watching Friends (see my post here!) and haven't made it all the way through (I'll be sad when we do!) but we took a break the other night to watch a movie recommended by my friend Emily. She raved about Chef and I am here to rave some more. So heart warming and such a story of redemption. This is an all-star cast too (not sure how I missed this?). You will fall in love with Jon Favreau. Watch it this weekend!

Other netflix recommendations here.

Excited to dust off the cobwebs in here with school starting up again. I've missed this little creative space. xo

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