Camp Matilda

Over the weekend we celebrated Matilda's 7th birthday!! This was the first year that I asked her to put together the guest list and it was a fun combination of friends old and new, mostly gal pals and a few fellows mixed in. Our hearts were so full celebrating that precious girl! Wish we could have hosted all her buddies but we tried to keep it intimate, hosting everyone's family. So much fun!

We decided on a "Camp Matilda" theme. I found this great invitation on Etsy. The colors set the tone: pinks, greys, mint green, black, and natural.

Found this adorable teepee idea here. The cake stand in from here. I created a dessert table from s'mores, teepees, snacks and "bug juice." :)

I honestly think that Matilda was most excited about the "bug juice." Thanks, Costco!

My friend Alison shared the cutest "Modern Bear Party" on her blog that inspired the black balloons and "feed the bears" sign.
Pinterest had all of these great "back yard game" ideas and this was one of them. Can't remember where we saw it but we tweaked it a bit with bad mitten balls and little buckets from Hobby Lobby. Sam took the girls to forage for the perfect sticks.

We had a craft table set up where the kids could "yarn bomb" sticks and paint pet rocks. The crafts were a HUGE hit. Wish I would have pre-cut the yarn to make it easier. This was so much fun, though!

Sam made a tic tac toe board from a stump, some nails and twine and rocks. Love this!

After hot dogs and dinner we did a crazy scavenger hunt. We let the littlest go first. Highlight of the night for sure. I made the scavenger bag from a template that I tweaked on photoshop and then printed directly onto the paper bag by attaching it with washi tape to a piece of computer paper. I was pretty proud of my craftiness. :) Doesn't happen often! Found those awesome pencils here.

Sam made the pup tent from some rope and a drop cloth. We found masses of kids in there throughout the party. So fun! Sam was the mc of the event and maybe found his life calling?!

We ended the night with s'mores and a campfire song of "happy birthday." One of the best days. Ever.

You are so loved baby girl. Praying big things for this year for you. You are precious and mighty!


+ Straws
+ Hot dog crates + liners
+ Cups
+ Water pitcher
+ Party Hats
+ Mint cake stand
+ Copper bunting banner
+ Stick pencils
+ Wood slabs
+ Wooden forks
+ Wooden place card holder

special thank you to my daddy and grandparents for watching the girls so we could get ready (it takes a village!) and to my friend scott for capturing some of these amazing photos and for all my mama friends for helping keep the chaos to a minimum! we love y'all!


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