Slices of Life Right Now

Getting out my dustpan to dust off this little space of the internet. You know when life changes and you look back and think, "how did I ever pull off xyz?!" This is the current vibe. August was full of great things and then some really hard things too. We learned that Bee has asthma. Two attacks sent us running to the emergency room. There is nothing scarier than a child struggling to breathe. I was in awe of the amazing people at Children's who took such incredible care of us. Turns out the kittens we gave the girls for Christmas were the culprit. We were so fortunate to find an amazing family to take them in as their own within 24 hours of the last attack. Oh my heavens. The expression "wrangling cats" is for real. We finally had our fence installed! Sam sprained his ankle the last week of August and I had some really fun work happenings and here we are September!

The girls are really into reading the Jesus Storybook Bible - oh my heart. This makes me so happy. Matilda has been highlighting her way through it (LOVE to see my girl hungry for the word) and I'll read a chapter to them and then Matilda will read a chapter. They love it when I diffuse while we are doing our bedtime rituals. Thieves is usually our go-to. :)

Here is a peek at our new fence. Currently debating on staining black vs painting white? Will post some inspiration photos soon. Can't wait to share more as well as the before/afters when we get some more done. We ended up going with this company and asking for a privacy fence with the cross bars facing the street (this isn't a typical design for them but I love the way it turned out!).

Matilda (and ok, maybe I am too) is obsessed with Project Mc2. This Netflix original follows a group of adorable and super pre-teen smart girls as they try to solve mysteries using science and their own unique skill sets. We went "ice fishing" where you take a cup, water, several ice cubes and a pinch of salt. Use a string to "fish" for ice cubes. So fun!!

Today we are working on getting Sam's ankle nice and iced down and catching up on laundry. I'm also making these for dinner. My friend Stephanie's husband made these for us when I stayed with her and I have been dreaming about them ever since! Three cheers for an extra day of rest.<3

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  1. Aww, so sorry you guys had such a scare with Bee!! Glad you could find the source, although I'm sure the girls were sad to see the kitties go :/

    1. thank you sweet lady!! so thankful too. have a great week!

  2. I've been thinking of you. I am so sorry about Bee. I don't think anything could be scarier than seeing your child suffer and not know the cause. I am happy you know at least, but I know giving up the kittens is probably tough.

    Hope we can catch up soon! x


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