Cagle's Family Farm 2015

Yesterday we took an impromptu trip to Cagle's Family Farm! This is our second year (see photos from two years ago here). We love this place (make sure you follow the directions on their site). I love that it is close and the weather made the crowds disappear which is perfect in my book. We basically had the place to ourselves and were able to feed the baby animals, go through the corn maze, take a tour of the farm and eat fried apple pie in total peace. Ahhh, love these family weekends.
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  1. Very beautiful place. Just amazing. your baby can play with animals such as cat, dog. But you need to read the post: Why You Should Get a Dog for Your Kids?

  2. Its really a great place to visit. And your two kids looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Trying to get the directions for gate at bottom of stairs for v our four legged children.


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