On Being Strategic

Strategy isn't something I really think about a lot. Sam calls me, "fire, ready, aim." He's pretty dead on here. I leap before I look and all that jazz. I just recently did Strengthfinders and my top five strengths all align with that type of personality. Have you taken it? We are doing Strengthfinders in my Deep Roots Bible study at my church. The theory is that if you spend more time enhancing your strengths and less time focusing on your weaknesses that you can't help but become a better version of yourself. All this leads me to thinking more about strategy in my daily life.

Sam and I went to see War Room yesterday. Have you seen it? While there are some seriously cringe-worthy high-cheese-factor scenes (the repeated comments about her feet !!) the message COULD NOT be more powerful. Hear that louder than my critique. I think that everyone should go see it. The movie is all about the power of prayer and having a prayer strategy. She creates a "war room" in her house to pin up scripture and prayer strategy for her family (which I am currently in the midst of doing). It is beautiful and powerful and the movie made me do some major soul searching. I haven't been living out this post or spending much time in prayer lately and oh boy can I ever feel it. The Lord has shaken me up in huge, painful ways over the last couple of months. I'm thankful.

Thinking about my little sponges today, I'm truly amazed by what all they soak up (good and bad) and my responsibility to leave a legacy that matters. Little warriors in the making.

I took this photo almost a year ago exactly. Sweet Matilda. Those frames are still our absolute favorite. The lovely people at Framebridge (seriously incredible customer service!!) are offering a fun 15% off with the code: 15LWG (love the instagram minis!) expires 12/31/15

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