Five Most Asked Questions on Instagram

Hello, it's me. I've forgotten how to blog, hope you can forgive meee, it's just not easy... anymoreeee and I'm always short on time. I thought it would be fun to answer the top five questions that I get most on Instagram! I try to answer questions as much as possible but sometimes I just kind of suck at that and I'm sorry.

Q: What color are your walls?
A: Sherwin Williams Pearly White - I really like it, there's a little bit of warmth to it so if you are looking for a bright white, this isn't it but it is soft and pretty and that works for us!

Q: Where did you get your kitchen rug?
A: Right here!

Q: What color is your black accent wall?
A: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Q: Where did you get your bedding?
A: From West Elm!

You can see the rest of the sources right here.

Q: Where did you get your hanging baskets?
A: My mom had the brilliant idea of putting these brass plant baskets under the shelf for garlic and ginger - obsessed with them!

See more of our kitchen here.

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  1. Welcome back!!! I want to know where you got your fabulous bedroom rug. Love it!

    1. aw thanks mama!! here you go: xx

  2. My favorite blogger is back!!!! Love you girl!

    1. you precious friend!! love you! <3


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