House Projects!

crazy about this dining room from A Beautiful Mess

Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and chat about house projects. Our list is pretty dang long but isn't that the fun part? We finally got finished with our dining room and have a few small things that I would love to tackle this spring (somewhere Sam is cringing!). Sam for my birthday gifted me some adorable white metal chairs (crazy cheap!) to finish the dining room, I love them!

Other things on the to do list... we are in desperate need of shelving (love these above!). We have no book shelves and books in piles all over the place (I love to read - mostly self help - reading this currently and loving it!). I love the idea of thick, chunky wood shelves on either side of our couch that I want to recover in canvas and some sort of gingham (like on these killer chairs below!).

Last tiny, itsy, bitsy thing is I want to wallpaper our powder room. Love this!

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  1. Adding that book to my want list!

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