Natural Beauty Month Favorites

The Golden Drop Society is celebrating Natural Beauty Month this month and I thought it would be fun to share some of the switches that I've made as I've tried to get more and more toxins out of our life. Love doing small changes like this with other like-minded families, just feels so empowering!

I've been searching for the best makeup, skin care, eye make-up removal, etc. and really love and feel great about all of these choices. You can download the Think Dirty app on your phone to scan for purity when you are at Target or the grocery store. So handy!

I love eye makeup!! Being a redhead, mascara and a little eye color is a must for those blonde lashes. ;) I really love Root Pretty and their mascara and liquid liner are legit. This Tartelette eye palette is so, so gorgeous!!! I also love the difference that an eye lash curler makes.

For my skin I am really in love with BeautyCounter! This Dew Skin foundation has mineral-based sunscreen and leaves your skin moisturized and dewy. SO great. After I apply that then I use the AMAZING concealer pen (so obsessed) and this pretty bronzy-pink blush. I love that they have the skin deep rating on each product right on the page. Love.

For lips I love, love this Burt's Bees lip shimmer in fig that my friend Sarah gifted me for Christmas, the Neutral/Winter Gloss + Oils (smells so dreamy!) and finally... butt-crazy about these Tarteist lip paints. They are divine!! I have "Adorbs," which is a fun pop of pink and my sister has "Bae," which is a sophisticated brownish red.

Last but not least, love my skin care routine!! I have been using this brush plus the Art Cleanser + Toner (which is so adult and gentle and smells so amazing) + Art Renewal Serum (best thing hands down I've ever put on my face) as well as this toner for my t-zone that I made with my oils (would love to share this recipe + so much more if you are interested in getting started with oils - more info here!).

What are some of your favorites?

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