Scottsdale Farms

We spent the weekend working on Phase 2 of our garden (see Phase 1 here), the Potager! You can see a few photos here. I love the idea of growing everything that you would need for the dinner table: herbs, flowers, vegetables. Heaven! Sam ended up making a beautiful cedar 4x4 bed and we will add three more to the plot. The pea gravel makes my heart sing. We are also going to invest (Sam and I can't seem to agree on that haha) on a shallow galvanized tub for the cut flowers. Can't wait to share finished photos with you guys! Anyways, my Dad came by to help Sam get the pea gravel and told us about Scottsdale Farms in Milton, GA. AHHHH! A gardener's dream come true and just a short day trip for us.

The farm sits on 55 acres. I didn't count the green houses but there were more than we could even walk through. Need to come back soon!

In addition to the green houses there were rows and rows of sun annuals and perennials as well as vegetables and herbs. Behind the tomatoes there is an amazing place for kids to play with a play ground, picnic tables, bean bag toss, corn hold, tic tac toe and more! Behind all of this sits the goats. Eek! Cutest baby goats I might add.
I really loved this white bird bath. So pretty.

Our cart. ;) Love that Guara!!!
The girls loved playing and seeing all of the animals (chickens, too!) and this truck bed full of flowers is just too much.

Goat house. :)

Definitely dog friendly place, saw tons of them! The garden center has tons of gifts, seeds, pet supplies as well as a cafe where they serve a lot of the produce that they grow on-site. So dreamy.

Working on a summer bucket list that includes slowing down, cooking more and taking more photos (on my camera!). I am also teaming up with one of my favorite bloggers and Home Depot for a special project. Can't wait to share all of this as well as photos of our finished garden area!

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  1. Heaven on earth! So gorgeous 💛💛

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