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Yesterday I had this sick feeling after dropping Phoebe off at preschool. She has decided to drop her afternoon nap and is also waking up extremely early #help and I haven't been giving her the attention she is craving. It has left me frantic, distracted and attached to my phone to get things done. Anyone else's phone distract them 4000 times a day? Overwhelmed and confused as to what to do I decided to do something yesterday that was totally different. Instead of relying on an afternoon cartoon or letting Til have some computer time, we completely unplugged and you won't believe what happened...

I felt the most calm that I have felt this year.

I filled up our diffuser with Joy + Orange (find out more here)

I turned on Ellie Holcomb's new album (after hearing that nature sounds were "scary" LOL).

I had the fire going.

We turned off the lights.

We got sleeping bags, books (this valentine book is a current fave) and their softest toys and I heard collective sighs all around about how relaxing it was. They needed to unplug too.

We journaled, read, the girls built an epic pillow fort and we've never had a happier afternoon. There was no fighting, complaining or wild behavior.

Pretty sure this will be the new normal.

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  1. Oh girl. Hats off to you for this!! Must try here!

    1. well you are in a slightly different season ;) but it is worth a try! xoxo

  2. I'm in! Trying after school today ❤

  3. This is life giving! I am so guilty of this and they are stressed out and I realize it's because I'm detached and disconnected. I love "no phone zones" from when we get home until they go to bed. Such healthy boundaries and love that you had such a good afternoon with your sweet girls because of it!

    1. oooh love the phone zone idea!!! they are such a necessary evil. :(

  4. used to help the boys build forts with blankets and pillows and drag their books in there.


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