the compound effect

Happy Wednesday!!! The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds and wanted to share some thoughts about the last 24 hours. Oh Valentine's Day, I truly do love it so much. What is better than loving on others (romantically is optional!!) and all things pink and red?! It's truly one of the winter highlights in my opinion. We had one of my very favorite love days yesterday (minus the DMV and my tragic lazy eye photo that I'm stuck with for the next eight years). We walked to get pizza (for the first time this year! drool!) and celebrated each other with sweet cards + chocolate + flowers but this morning was like the most ridiculous scenario possible...

dress here/ shoes here

Have you ever read The Compound Effect? It is one of my favorite business/life books. Basically the idea is that good and bad little things can add up in big ways and this morning was the most perfect example of that. 

We have been eating only whole foods all year and I bought a pretty bottle of wine and was only going to drink it on Wednesdays (insert eye roll emoji) and I bought a bar of dark chocolate (that I was only going to eat once a week - eye roll!) and I over scheduled myself and the girls are out early all week and literally everything was getting away from me. Ever have those weeks where someone else is driving the bus? Ha!!!
Even though we had the SWEETEST night, instead of having a lovey night with Sam we turned on Netflix to watch the OJ movie which is completely shocking and disturbing and in my carbo load state I fell asleep on the couch, barely brushed my teeth and went to bed.

Woke up in the middle of the night to get some water because I was feeling so yuck and realized we were out of coffee. Grumpy. It was raining so I stayed in bed and then the girls beat me up which honestly I've realized is just the worst way for me to start the day. I normally get up really early to have quiet time and coffee and to catch up on email but I decided not to all because we were out of coffee.
Cue the tears from all the girls this morning. It was just a mess. Everyone was tired, unorganized and yelling was involved. Yup. Guilty.

I am just reminded of what is so easy to miss when we get caught up in satisfying our flesh. So grateful for Jesus, my beautiful family and that we can start over whenever we choose because I want to be my very best for these faces. If you haven't read The Compound Effect then this is a perfect example of how our choices that seem small can add up and give us love handles and heart aches. With a house full of girl feels, Sam does an amazing job of handling us with love and care and we truly had the most magical day yesterday with a family walk, adorable conversations and sweet surprises from people we think hung the moon.

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