Kissing Sugar Goodbye

power breakfast from Camille Styles

Let me first say that I love food. Like, I really love food and I think it's the sweetest gift from God to have delicious things to eat and enjoy. Here's the problem though... all things are good in moderation, it's when they overflow their boundaries that your body is like, "dude, make it stop." I think what happens to me is that I sit behind a computer a lot and I work a lot and then it's like time to eat so I just cram whatever I can find in my mouth or a bag of popcorn beside my computer (please tell me I'm not alone!). A couple of weeks ago I felt like total crap and I just said, "Enough." No one but me, myself and I dictates what I consume. This is slightly terrifying but also really liberating. Exercising self control is actually very empowering!

I decided two weeks ago to cold turkey cut: sugar, grains, alcohol and even natural sugars (fruit, etc) for two weeks to reset my body and get things under control (even stuck to it on a holiday weekend!!). I stuck with around 20-25 carbs per day, eating high fat, organic meals (some cheese, vegetables, meat) and forcing my body into ketosis (following the keto diet! LOVE this blog) to kick my metabolism back in to gear. I feel amazing, have lost 6 lbs and I'm now adding back HEALTHY carbs like berries for breakfast.

Sam and I did this 6 years ago and it has been the only nutrition plan that has ever worked for me. After two weeks you start adding in 5 grams of good carbs back in every two weeks until you reach your maximum carb intake (where you are maintaining your desired weight). You also get a free meal a week which for me is all I need to live a balanced and healthy life. You have one hour to have whatever you want. Work on making it a fun night out!

Tools for doing this:

My Fitness Pal: amazing app for plugging in your daily nutrition and you can see your macros each day. I wasn't concerned with calories, just sugar/carb intake.

Meal prep! Sam grills chicken, burgers and we chop veggies and pre-make at least one meal (large sunday dinner) to float us to Monday night.

Bubbles. When at parties or get togethers, bring your own appetizers (guac + cucumbers = current obsession) and FUN bubbly drinks like La Croix or I love Zevia and Kevita (Lemon + Cayenne!).

Healthy snacks like cucumbers and guacamole, roasted almonds with Real Salt, Organic string cheese, etc.

Exercise. I am shooting for an hour 5 days a week and following the Tone It Up weekly workout (love them!).

Supplements: Young Living's Super B, Master Formula and Omegagize (available here)

Private pin board. In the morning after my quiet time I spend some time pinning inspiring images, quotes, fitspo ;) and recipes to my "daily inspiration" board.

Let me know if you have any questions! Taking charge to make changes can feel overwhelming but staying stuck is just miserable. I've had such a toxic relationship with food that if I could help one person make a change I would be SO happy!

disclaimer: i'm not a doctor :) do your own research and talk to a doctor if you feel like this may put you at a health risk.

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