3rd Annual Favorite Things Party

Last night the dope squad had our 3rd Annual (hard to believe!) Favorite Things Party!


For the past three years we have been intentional about getting together during the busiest time of year, showing up in our casual best, and nibbling on cheese and drinking bubbles. We bring a gift around $5 that we gift to everyone. I've done mini bottles of champagne tied with a straw and hair ties with mini latte bowls and this year I did my current favorite thing...


Bougie scrunchies!! LOL! I love these silk scrunchies for throwing my hair up at the end of the day, doesn't damage your hair and feels weightless. Heavenly and while I love giving gifts, it's so much fun to see what my friends loved over the year. Here were their gifts: Sarah - Personalized Dope Squad moleskin mini notebooks with an erasable pen, Kristy - Lululemon socks, Emily - Rifle Paper Notebooks. Loved ALL of these!!! I always find something new that I love from these amazing ladies and I look forward to this special night of catching up every year.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I'll be totally honest that this post is a way for me to procrastinate. I'm like knee deep in tissue paper and to-do lists but lemme whip up a quick blog post, right? While most of us certainly do not need a thing, it can't hurt to put together a little happy list...

 a collection of sweet gifts plus some of my favorite things!

a collection of sweet gifts plus some of my favorite things!

Ok here are some things that I think any adult girl would like! Basically, it's my wish list. ;)

+ Subscription to Domino or Magnolia Magazine! 
+ Gorgeous stationary + pens! Rifle paper is always a good idea and Anthro stationary is a fave. (Psst free shipping, no minimum and 25% off of everything today!).
+ A pink toaster because... pink + toast.
+ Pretty mixing bowls like these.
+ Basically anything from Anthropologie (have I mentioned that?) or Lululemon for those darn resolutions. ;)
+ A good bottle of wine. Although I love rosé I go for reds and bubbles in the winter. How cute are these bags?!
+ Good handwriting always stands out. How cute is this book?
+ Pretty coffee table books like this one or this one.
+ Self care! Gift cards to spas or nail salons (anyone else?!).
+ A heartfelt note. Christmas card lovers unite.
+ An online class! I feel like this is unique and fun! Annie Liebowitz is offering a photography class that sounds amazing. All of these Masters Classes sound fantastic.
+ Fun costume jewelry! Gimme all the sparkle during the holidays. Target has great jewelry right now.
+ This ADORABLE hand knit hat (that I had to snag) would make a great gift. So soft and comfortable!
+ Cute pjs for a steal (that she probably wouldn't buy herself but will love!).

What's on your list?!