If you've been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I have been on a health journey for the past four years. My family and I have slowly adopted a clean eating lifestyle that is plant-based and full of good things like coconut oil (which is stable at high heats and perfect to cook with), green smoothies, and is mostly paleo, with keeping everything in balance we do like the occasional treat and adult beverage (don't worry!). 

We started “going green” in 2014 when I slowly started switching out over the counter products for vitamins and essential oils and tossing the chemicals for plant-based cleaners! I’ve even slowly transitioned to clean makeup. I get that it can feel overwhelming so just take things one day at a time. The first thing I did was get started with Young Living because I knew they had all of the products I was interested in switching over to.

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Why Young Living? 

I have had a few wonderful friends share essential oils with me and felt confident that Young Living and their extremely pure oils were an amazing fit for our family. They are the missing piece to this whole mindset of good nutrition and overall wellness. I love that their products and oils are beyond organic, gentle and effective. They have no expiration date. They are safe for ingestion. You can read more about Young Living's Seed to Seal process here.

I am passionate about helping other mamas like me (and anyone else!!) create well being and health in their homes and for their families in a modern way using ancient techniques. I would love for anyone who is interested in learning about how to use oils to join me and help spread the word! It would be my honor to mentor you and support you through this journey.

I ordered my very own Premium Starter kit because it comes with TWELVE oils plus a FREE diffuser! It’s a total no brainer because after you get a wholesale membership with your kit, you get 24% off of all future purchases, I also signed up for Essential Rewards because I wanted to receive the discounts! It’s totally free. All you have to do is click here to get your kit. I love all of the diffusers but the Desert Mist is my favorite free option. I love the candle flicker feature!!


Once you get your kit, you’ll be plugged into our community, the Golden Drop Society! We have exclusive resources, classes, a monthly newsletter and more… everything you need to feel supported! I can’t wait to walk alongside you and your family.



This is my wellness account! I share diffuser combos, info on oils, natural makeup, and even a little bit about the Young Living business!