Friday, August 22, 2014

Lunch Box 02 + Weekend Notes 24

Hey friday! So glad to see you. I need to get better about taking pictures of M's lunches because I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've been challenging myself to think outside the sandwich (har har). Here's a simple lunch with a seed and nut granola bar, cashews, celery (a new fave - yay!), nut butter, blueberries and gummy vitamins. I don't usually get things right the first time but I'm loving this lunch box, stainless container (really trying to phase out plastic), and this ice pack - the perfect combination. Seriously. I'm also having a lot of fun switching up the colors of the little silicon muffin liners. You can see more kid lunches here.

A few notes from the week:

- I'm in the midst of getting organized to try something new and you know what happens when I start that process? Nothing. I get totally overwhelmed by the details and just freeze. In the meantime I'm eating almond butter and cracking up at this book. I needed a light read.

- I've started going to barre classes and really love it. Have you tried it?

- I've been sharing my whole30 journey over here. Five days in! Two days without coffee. Sigh. Yesterday my head felt like it might explode.

- I adore this photo.

- My talented friend Ashley is having a major sale until midnight. This would be my pick!

I'm really excited about the promise of fall in the air. I feel like I say it every month, but I can't believe that it will be September soon. Love to all of you and I'm so thankful to have the sweetest community here. My heart swells. Thank you for all of the love and kindness on my last post. Have the best weekend!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." (Philippians 4:6) "

Anxious Christians are bad advertisements for the God of all comforts. But 'not being anxious' doesn't come without the sweat of faith . . . Really, prayer and worry are of the same essence. They are both a rehearsing of circumstances, a mulling over, and a kind of mental and emotional chewing. But in worry, there's no connection, no traction, no relational receiver. It's like spinning our wheels. Worrying is like trying to travel in a rocking chair. But when we 'pray', we are 'worrying' to God. We take those anxieties and cast them Godward, taking them to Him, and -- of utmost importance -- handing them over." - Matt Chandler

Amen, right? Anxiety is something that I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. When I saw this shared here this week, it really struck a cord with me. I had a terrible dream last night which I don't often have because I'm pretty protective of my mind. I grew up watching "Unsolved Mysteries" and Lifetime, but as an adult I have tried not to watch anything like that because it creates unnecessary fear. As a mama those thoughts become magnified. This morning shook me to the core. I woke up wanting to delete this entire thing and get off all social media. The world (and people in it) can be frightening, but I truly feel that God wants to use this hobby for His good. I pray that this is the case. With Matilda starting school and a few odd happenings, I've been on high alert with worry.

Some interesting things happened this morning. I've had this feeling that God has wanted me to give up coffee (sigh) and "feeling" doesn't really do this justice. I've actually been completely convicted but have prayed for it not to be so and have continued to drink it (sigh). This morning after literally years of undiagnosed issues with my ears and other skin related problems, I finally have some answers. I also found that one of the things I should be abstaining from is... YOU GUESSED IT. I have a feeling it has been triggering some anxiety as well. I feel like I need a support group for this, but I am so thankful that God led me down a rabbit hole to find these answers. He's so good!

All these rambling, personal thoughts to share that I'm so thankful that God doesn't give up on us. That He continues to pursue us, to give us guides even on earth. It's truly amazing. I'm so thankful and excited to share more of my journey towards health and hope that I can inspire even just one person to join me. You can follow along here!

photo credit: Emily Magers

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Five Vegetarian Whole30 Recipes I Want to Try

If you follow me on instagram (d'awww thanks!) then you may have seen that I am on another Whole30. My system needed a reboot and as much as I'll miss my nightly glass of red, I'm pretty sure my body won't. If you're interested in meal ideas and some new things I have in the works you can find them here. I'm really excited about starting a new adventure and can't wait to share more. Now that I got that out of the way, here are some delicious looking Whole30 recipes that I really want to try. If you have some recommendations please share!

My mouth is literally watering over these "Ricotta" stuffed cabbages. Seriously divine looking.

This grain-free tabouleh is made with cauliflower. Genius! Cauliflower is my favorite "grain." See more cauliflower recipes here.

I've never jumped on the zucchini pizza train, but I think it's high time. These look great, right? You may also like "zoodles."

Here's another version with a balsamic reduction, basil and heirloom tomatoes. Yum.

Last but not least... sweet potato cakes with spicy coconut tomato sauce.

You can see a collection of my Whole30 recipes here!

See lots of pins here!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Weekend at the Farm

We just got back from a special weekend away at our dear friends' farm. Joni and Chip have become close friends over the last year and it was such a treat to be able to experience a place that is so dear to them. Joni and Chip along with their family designed this amazing home on their family's property. Just incredible. You can see stunning glimpses both here and here. Joni's eye is pure magic and being around spaces that have her touch on them are just a blessing.

Joni shared this of V and M and I just love it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Veggie Tacos with Walnut Meat

I think I mentioned a while back that I was trying to eat 90% vegan these days. I don't want to wear any food label, but my goal is to eat a plant based whole foods diet (without it being complicated). I actually haven't eaten meat in a couple of weeks and I feel just fine. I do want to make sure I'm getting plenty of protein though! I made these veggie tacos for Sam and me on monday night. No styled shoot, just cookin' dinner and snapped some photos in hopes that you may want to try this!

I am very happy to report that Sam cleaned his plate (pats back). This recipe can be made ahead of time because there are a few steps but I did manage to pull it off in one swoop. I also made a terrific mess because I don't know how to clean as I go. Click below to get the step by step:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Making Girl Uniforms less Uniform-y

Alternate title: how to make khakis look less khaki. I did not grow up wearing a uniform and this is my first foray into them. I'm actually totally down with uniforms and think it simplifies a lot of morning struggles and "keeping up." Matilda has to wear a uniform to school so I've been trying to think of ways to make them more fun and more her. My girl has amazing style and I did not set her up for success today (her shirt was almost as big as her because half of what I ordered ran huge). This morning I headed out to exchange sizes and to find some fun accessories and shoes to make the look less, well, uniform-y.

Start with good foundation pieces. For me I love a skinny pant or bermuda short with the polo tucked in and a fun belt (see below). The dresses and skirts (this is a great skort option) can be worn alone or with fun tights (like these) and cardigans or blazers.

khaki safari dress (see it on here :)) | polo shirt | layered navy dress | bermuda shorts

gold jellies | bermudas | belt (similar here) | polo | polka dot bow clip (similar here)

school girl blazer | minnetonka boots | funky leggings | floral high tops
knee high socks | polka dot bow | flower bead necklace

The fun part is bringing in the accessories that reflect your little one's personality. I loveeee these floral high tops (way more red in person - which is my jam) which are easy to get on with the side zipper. A cute pair of mary janes is also never a bad shoe idea. I love the challenge of making something standard unique.

Please share any of your favorite uniform resources or particular styles that you love. There is a lot out there. I really like the fit of the French Toast line.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Saturday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This past saturday we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I went with my mom and the girls in the spring and signed up for a membership but hadn't been able to get over there since. I have been dying to go back and really wanted to share the magic with Sam, too. He loved the gardens as I knew that he would and it was so nice to get out as a family to the city. Can't wait to do it again in the fall! The amazing thing about the gardens is that they are constantly changing depending on what's in bloom. Late summer is so lovely with all of the vegetables and flowers. Just amazing to see God's many creations in one place.

The imaginary worlds exhibit is incredible. There are frogs, unicorns, fruit, trolls, etc made entirely of plants. I think my favorite is the earth goddess. Her hair! The gorillas are pretty fantastic too.
Speaking of monkeys (har har har), one of their favorite parts of this trip was the canopy bridge. We missed it last time. This was a great area to let the girls explore without having to worry about them veering off a trail or falling into a pond (ha!). There is also the best view of the earth goddess.

Matilda got to play tour guide, which she loved. She gets a total kick out of showing Sam a place that she has been before but he hasn't. So adorable. The main goal for her was to get to the children's garden and we were savvy this trip and dressed them in their bathing suits (forgot a towel though, naturally) so that they could splash around at the splash pad.

For the last week we've been using the Stokke Xplory (isn't this deep blue so pretty?) and it was a total lifesaver at the gardens. We love their designs (big fans of the Tripp Trapp, too!) but it's their functionality that I really appreciate because let's get real that's what we really want as parents. Matilda's shoes rubbed a blister on her feet so she hopped on the sibling board and off we went (best invention ever for the big kids that still get tired). Phoebe at the very end of our outing was so cozy in it and lasted the entire rest of the trip being strolled from place to place, she also ate lunch in it. It pulls right up to the table. Handles navigated paths and narrow doorways like a champ. It also comes with an awesome, large stroller bag (not shown here). Can't say enough good things about the Xplory honestly.

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