Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List

School is officially out a week from tomorrow so Matilda and I made a summer bucket list while we were cooking dinner one night. Oh the smell of fresh cut grass, chlorine and honeysuckle... bring it!

Last summer I got stressed out because I didn't plan. This year I have camps set up (do your homework - so many fun options and a lot of them very affordable!), scheduled 2 mornings a week to do what I need to do and I want to create structure to our week: mondays - library for story time, tuesday - meet up with friends, wednesday - go to the park, etc.

We are putting in our fence (I think...) this summer instead of going on a family vacation (here's our favorite spot) so I'm channeling all the beach vibes here.

+ Go to the lake
+ Light sparklers
+ Throw a neighborhood Fourth party
+ Go out to get ice cream
+ Go white water rafting
+ Try paddle boarding - this has been on my list for the past 3 years
+ Get a manicure with Matilda
+ Buy our summer sandals - sort of feeling these flashbacks to 7th grade, love them for kids too!
+ A weekend in Heflin
+ Grill out at least once a week. Holler!
+ Run in the sprinklers
+ Camping with s'mores of course (this is my kind of camping)
+ Night swimming
+ Watch the fireflies
+ Buy water buckets to play outside with
+ Get Matilda swimming!
+ Spin frozen margs
+ Have weekly date nights! We have never done this before and I think it is so important - even just 2 hours out with each other can be so good and such a great reset
+ Make homemade popsicles (love these molds!)

What is on your list?!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chef's Table on Netflix

It's that time of the month where I share what Sam and I have been watching on Netflix (see previous month's here!) and today I am sharing something that was recommended by my Mama. Chef's Table is a Netflix original that documents the lives of 6 famous chefs. Each episode follows these men and women along and shares their story in and out of the kitchen.

So many amazing stories, gorgeous food coverage and all of the passion that goes into their restaurants. The heart and soul of each chef comes through with each episode and it is completely inspiring. I also adore the love stories laced throughout and the family that supports these geniuses. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Customizable Body Butters with In Honor of Design and Anthropologie

A couple of weekends ago my fabulous friend Anna of In Honor of Design invited me to tag along for a Mother's Day event that she was hosting at Anthropologie. Anna has a wonderful, customizable body butter recipe (see here!) and I brought some of my favorite oils and shared their benefits while the guests munched on amazing treats and created beautiful gifts for themselves and loved ones.

I brought lemon, lavender, peppermint, grapefruit and orange (Anna loves citrus :)) and helped the ladies create pairings or they could just use a single oil. Lemon, lavender and peppermint work together wonderfully as an "allergy trio." I have been using these oils all spring to support my respiratory system with incredible results. Grapefruit is fabulous for skin and specifically cellulite so I thought that was a fun one to bring, it pairs wonderfully with peppermint. Lavender alone is relaxing and soothing for the skin and can also be paired with a bright citrus. Orange works to stimulate creativity and boost your mood and smells really lovely with lavender. I LOVE being able to make my own body products. If you are interested in learning more about oils, you can click here or feel free to email me!

The entire morning was so lovely and Anna (along with the ladies at Anthro!) made every little detail gorgeous and special. So thankful to have friends that empower other women and make them feel great. Anna is so good at that. You will love her blog if you don't already read it.

Thank you again Anna and Anthropologie for having me! xo

All photography by Anna Liesemeyer

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day Sam asked me to clear our calendar for the weekend for some low-key family time. It is crazy how hard that seems to come by these days so it's something we are both being much more aware of. I have stopped checking email over the weekend, only posting occasionally on social media and it really makes me feel so much more zen and relaxed. Ahhhh.

Over the weekend we went to the farmer's market and I was excited to meet Ayla from Soul Flowers. She is new to town and I wanted to support her and picked up the most gorgeous blooms for my mama (the girls are wearing the sweetest dresses that my mom picked up for them at seed factory). Rachel and I took her to The Butcher the Baker saturday night for dinner and it was the most special girls night. We had the most amazing (and delicious!) time.

We broke out the double stroller for the first time of the season and walked a ton over the weekend. I've been shooting for 12,000+ steps a day on my fitbit. I have been living in this dress and those shoes. Love!

Updog Smoothies has the most amazing green smoothie that I talked about here. If you are ever at BeYoga you can order your smoothie before class and they will have it ready for you after. Just a fun tip!

On Mother's Day we spent all day outdoors playing. It was so perfect! We went to the mountain and played ball, hiked the trails and then came home for sprinkler time with pineapple and Sam grilled us some steaks that were SO amazing. So thankful. My heart is always a little heavy on mother's day thinking about all of the people who have lost their mothers or little ones or for those who are wanting to become mothers. It's something that I always think of and brings me back to a place of complete gratitude and thanks because I know how special it is to still have my mama and my little ones. So much perspective lately as it seems like daily and I made aware of the fragility of life. Praying over my people with ferver these days. Much love to all of you!
I almost can't handle the sweetness of this photo!!

Love my girls so much. Can't believe that Matilda is almost a first grader!! Just unreal. So proud.
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekend Notes 34

Oh man I just love the barn of the Lombardi House. Isn't this just the coolest event space? The first time I saw it I thought it was just heaven. I want to re-create something like this on a muchhh smaller scale for a shed in our back yard. Just dreamy! Also, can Sam and I stay there please?! Dreams!

+ Had a really amazing and hard week of working out. Started working out with a friend at 5:30 and by last night I was toast. Talked more about it here. You know what I did? We ordered a pizza and drank wine and then I met my goal step on a gorgeous walk and skipped my friday morning session. I was so tired that I fell asleep with the girls and then on top of my bed that night because I didn't have the energy to pull back the covers. HA! Pretty sure that's called training like a beast? Weird... did I just really say that? Instagram is brain washing me. Balance, man. What I'm seeking. I think one cheat meal a week is a must for me.

+ Our Home Depot post went live this week. Did you see it? Super simple to the max. Anyone can re-create this for their front porch.

+ Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas out there! What are you doing to celebrate? Sam has some things up his sleeve so not sure but the whole weekend was blocked off for relaxing (and hopefully getting a little work done on our back yard??). My sister and I are taking my mom out for a special dinner at one of our favorite spots. Can't wait!!

+ I am really loving this tropical palm print trend. How cute is this tank?

+ We are getting into lake season and I am dreaming up a little refresher for our family spot. Started a little pinboard here.

Hope you all have a very restful and recharging weekend!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Front Porch Makeover with Home Depot

After participating in the Home Depot Style Challenge last year, they so kindly invited us to participate in another challenge this year and in my favorite category... PLANTS! This front porch makeover is for the non-DIYer that wants to spruce up their porch without spending a lot of money or time. I had so much fun picking out all of the amazing plants at Home Depot and making our home come back to life after such a long and cold winter. You can see the entire post with resources right here.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Favorite Apps

I love hearing what apps people really love to use so I wanted to share some new and old favorites with you guys. I feel like my phone is a bit of a frenemy but you can't deny how useful it is sometimes. That lockscreen is from the She Reads Truth girls. An awesome reminder as we face each day.

+ Exercise:

- Let's get started! OK, so I love my Fitbit (I bought this to keep mine from falling off) and one of my best friends and I are using the app to do a workweek hustle challenge. SO fun and I need to hurry and finish this post so I can make up the 10,000 steps she magically got this morning. ;)

- My friend Keri told me about the 7 app and it's basically a HIIT workout that is 7 minutes long. I'll do it three times in a row for a killer (and FREE) workout.

- Ease into 5k. Lately I use the last setting where you specify a mileage goal and then do that. It can be a little buggy but it does the job.

+ Groceries:

- For some reason I am just now finding an app to do my grocery shopping with. Anytime I run out of something I add it to my Shopping List Free app. I love that you can check things off but it saves what you put in the first time so you can easily add them back in. I also love that when you bring it to the store, once you open the app the phone doesn't shut off, so you don't have to keep swiping and opening up the phone to see the list.

+ Photos + Emojis:

- I love VSCO for photo editing, A Beautiful Mess for collages and Bitmoji is this hilarious app where you can create your own emoji and text hilarious photos to your friends. It is a serious blues buster and LOLer.

+ Meditation: 

- I love taking hot, oil-infused baths while listening to guided meditation. Omvana is free and lovely.

What are some of your favorite every day apps?

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