Friday, October 24, 2014

Earth's Best Special Delivery!

Happy Friday!! Today I am so excited to help my friends at Earth's Best celebrate the launch of their exclusively branded wipes + diapers to Target this week. I am a huge fan of the brand and always so excited to find earth-friendly baby products that I fully support. I pretty much do all of my shopping at Target so I'm excited to be able to quickly snatch these up when I'm doing my morning rounds with Bee. :)

In honor of this fun release, Earth's Best is giving away a crate full of Earth's Best favorite products! They are also giving away one grand prize of a full year's supply of Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine free diapers and wipes "EB Special Delivery." Who wouldn't want to win that?! All you have to do is follow Earth's Best on Instagram, share a photo tagging @earthsbest using the hashtags #EBSpecialDelivery and #sweepstakes. Good luck!!

this post is graciously sponsored by Earth's Best. all opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My New Routine

I wanted to chat a little bit about some changes our family has been making lately. A little over two years ago I had several friends reach out to me about using essential oils. Cue "huh?" and "that's super hippy dippy" and "I don't get it." I said all those things. Sure did. Then I started having some health issues and Phoebe was sick all summer and Matilda went to Kindergarten (I seriously get daily barf stories - hold me). I thought, "I might as well look into them." I decided after a week of thinking about it to sign up for my own starter kit. I knew that having a diffuser would be cool and I could use thieves on the girls. Little did I know that I would end up obsessed and using all sorts of different oils for all different things from cleaning to laundry. I wanted to share sort of my daily "oil" routine.

For my skin care routine I am now using my every day cleanser and then using coconut oil with lavender and geranium or lavender and frankincense at night. All of these oils have incredible properties that are great for your skin and the lavender is a natural relaxant which is perfect at the end of a long day.

A little peek at my collection. My friend Ashley called it my "apothecary." ;)

I am currently diffusing thieves with orange which is the most amazing fall smell. It reminds me of Russian Tea or Wassail. Heaven. Thieves is also amazing for boosting your immune system and eliminating airborne germs. I also use this on our feet at night. The name comes from a recipe given up by 15th century criminals who were caught during the plague. They weren't getting sick and this was the recipe that they were using to protect themselves. Orange is also great for insomnia, relaxing, wrinkles... :)

This quad is my daily "let's do this" combo. I love the stress away roll-on which has lime and vanilla and smells like a tropical drink. It's the best! I roll it on the back of my neck and wrists. I love Valor for confidence. I put it on my chest and layer it with Joy. Lavender I use constantly for cuts, blemishes, ear aches.

These are my fall oils. Lemon I use in my morning tea, Purification is amazing for sanitizing lovies and for diffusing with lemon to break up congestion. The Breathe Again Roll-on is one of my favorites. It helps open your airways. I like to rub it on my chest and throat if I feel something coming on. Raven is another great oil for mucus. I add lemon, peppermint, thieves and make a killer vapor rub.

I shared my sleepy combo here today if you're interested!

So, just some real life ways to incorporate essential oils. Nothin' crazy or complicated just my daily routine and it feels so good.

If you are interested in joining me on this journey I'd love to help you! We have built quite the community and it's so awesome. I love getting daily recipes or ideas on how to use them from other mamas and friends. Click here if you want to get your own or email me with any questions.

For my 101 class you can listen here.
Winter Wellness class tomorrow night. RSVP here.
Join the facebook group here.

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Stuffed Acorn Squash

Oh how I wish these photos looked more like this but let me tell you guys I have been struggling to stay afloat in the blog world let alone style my food before I inhale it. Let's keep it real. Lately I've had a little bit of burnout and just literally feel like I don't have a second to myself. However, I rallied. I want to share this super easy recipe that uses leftovers from our Tuesday Night Tacos sans beans. I am eating strictly paleo right now. I'm actually on a candida diet which means no fruit, no grains, no sugar, etc and so forth. Bumtown, BUT I feel amazing. Worth it.

All you have to do it set your oven to 400. Slice the acorn squash down the center and put one scoop of coconut oil in the center. Slice a little off the bottom of the squash to get it to lay flat. I like to rub the oil around to get the outer edges. Salt and pepper to taste and then stick it in the oven for an hour and forget about it.

Meanwhile, after you take the squash out of the oven you can scoop the melted oil and pour it all along the edges until there is no oil in the center. This makes it DELICIOUS. I seriously can't believe that I'm allowed to eat this goodness right now. So decadent really. Heat up your leftovers and scoop them into the center. Add a little raw cheese or avocado or just the tacos and enjoy. New favorite!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Girls' Reading Nook

This weekend Sam and I put the finished touches on the girls' reading nook. Upstairs we have this wide hallway area that has basically been a junk receptacle and I wanted to create a little hideaway for art projects, reading (Matilda is doing an awesome job!), and craft projects. We were lucky enough to get to collaborate with Framebridge on the project. This new to me company was instantly exciting to me. They take the framing process and make it affordable and so easy. See how it works here! Stay tuned at the end for a little discount.

I was able to use a little table we already had on hand, which was mine when I was little that we updated for Matilda. We also had these two little vintage chairs that were passed down from a friend. The artwork over the table is a photo from Lovebugs a few years ago and the photos of the girls were taken on instagram! The "instagram minis" are only $39.

All you have to do is download the Framebridge app and then you can see how your instagram photos will look in a frame and voila! Could not be easier to do. These would make the best Christmas presents. My frames arrived super quickly I might add and were packaged with the utmost care. They even come with a hook to hang them! I chose the "Providence" frame for Phoebe's photo and "Concord" for Matilda's.

These amazing lights are from Bright Lab Lights. I picked out the colors and they add so much fun + whimsy to the space I think. The photo was framed in a modern "Mercer" frame with white mat.

We used 1 x 12's from Home Depot with simple white brackets for the shelving. These shelves will most likely rotate with their favorite things. We love the wooden toys from Grimm's, this little tea set, this Fern Doll from The Land of Nod and these Anna Rifle Illustrated classics are a new favorite. Most of the wooden toys came from seed factory.

I wanted to print out a vacation photo to keep that lingering feeling. I shot this agave plant in Alys beach (one of my favorite places on earth!) and love this first shot of Bee's top knot. These adorable hand painted dolls were a gift from my friend Kel. I love her eye for color and everything she makes. The attention to detail in her r-ki-tekt line is just incredible. I love their flower crowns! She also makes the prettiest necklaces and carryalls.

Here's a wider shot of the hall and a closeup of the little reading area. The chair is from seed factory and the chalkboard was from an estate sale this summer. I really want to encourage reading in the girls and thought this was a fun way to do it. The little pillow was from Anthro years ago.

With Framebridge you can upload your own photos and art if you have a digital file and you can also mail it in. This could not be easier! They send you a box or tube for your art along with a prepaid UPS sticker. Shipping is free both ways. I LOVE this ABC print designed by my dear friend Erica Loesing. She is such a talent and I think it makes the space. I also really love this natural frame that was recommended to me by the in-house designers.

Working on her class pumpkin. :) We love this time of year.

The girls clearly are already making great use of the space. Here's a little peek at the lights when they are lit up. SO happy! Framebridge is generously offering a 15% discount off all purchases until the end of October with code FRAME15. Happy framing!

This post was in partnership with Framebridge. All opinions and designs are my own.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Favorite Guilty Pleasures on Netflix

OK, it's times to spill. If I'm left to my own devices and have time to indulge in a guilty pleasure (or two!)... here they are! Oh and huge PS... did you hear that Friends is coming to Netflix in January? Every.Single.Episode. Ahhhhh!

OK, so if you've been around on facebook for a while then you know that I have a total teen crush on this show. It's set in the eighties, amazing soundtrack, young Carrie is cute as a button and I love all of the teenage drama. If you know me well this will come as no surprise, which leads me to my second guilty pleasure...

Oh, I love this show so much. I basically blew through season one of Pretty Little Liars in one sitting. If only I could get Sam on board. I've tried to trick him into watching it with me and so far no dice. I'm currently catching up on season 4. It's so good.

If you haven't watched Friday Night Lights, I am so jealous of you getting to experience it for the first time. This is a show that makes me weep because I am so attached to all of the characters. I dream of Tami Taylor's hair and Riggins, well. Phew! You are in for the best treat ever. I would re-watch this from start to finish is a heart beat. Some of my girliest friends got into football after watching this show.

Like hanging out with old friends! When I heard that Gilmore Girls was coming to Netflix this month I cried happy tears. The best background for cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, ya know the glamorous stuff. It's so interesting watching it this time because I keep putting myself in Lorelai's shoes instead of Rory's.

Heart of Dixie. This little gem is a little on the cheesy side, but I get past it with the city girl coming to the country vibe and Rachel Bilson's clothes. The girl is on point. I also love a little southern drama. Can't help myself.

I'm going to sharing some of my favorite shows, documentaries, movies each month and I'd love to hear yours too.  Favorite guilty pleasures...go!

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Winter Wellness

With winter quickly approaching, I'm already working on preparing a holistic medicine cabinet. Helping my family and other families stay healthy naturally is one of my biggest passions. Whether it's sharing easy to make whole food recipes or different ways to use essential oils, I'm all about it. Sometimes as mamas it's so easy to be distracted by taking care our families that we forget to take care of ourselves. I am currently victim of this and reintegrating yoga, an oil routine as well as sticking to a strict paleo diet. Buh-bye sugar! Next week I'm going to be sharing, along with my friend Katie, some tips + tricks for staying well this winter, kicking colds quickly, looking after little ones and taking care of your skin. You can RSVP here. It's totally free!

If you want to join my private facebook group where we discuss these types of things daily, please join in!

Also, if you want to become part of my essential oils community through signing up, you can click here. I would love, love to support you on this journey. Our little group is growing every day and I'm learning so much from everyone. It's my life's ministry right now, along with being there for my family. I've really said no to a lot of things recently to bring more peace into our lives. It's so hard for me and I always worry about hurting people's feelings but at some point I just snapped from being overcommitted all the time. I hope one or two of you can relate. Thanks always for reading!

See how we use our oils here.

photo: kinfolk

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Old Edward's Inn

We just got back from the most magical girls getaway to Highlands, NC. For Christmas last year my dad gifted us with a trip to Old Edward's Inn. It took us a while to get a date on the calendar but boy I am so glad we picked October. The trees were as jewel toned as you could imagine, the winding roads peppered with falling leaves, mist on the mountains. Completely dreamy. We sort of accidentally ended up in one of the nicest suites (thanks Mom!) in the newer part of "The Lodge."

Paneled walls, vintage rugs, chocolately grey doors and trim. The bathrooms were all marble with heated floors and even a towel rack (proof here!). Although the Inn was completely booked, you would never know it. The whole property was quiet and serene. So lovely.
We had several amazing meals out after some great recs from friends. After drinks in the wine garden we ate at this Italian restaurant the first night. It was packed and super charming and YUMMY. We ate at Wild Thyme for lunch the next day and it was casual and quaint. I loved the pumpkin soup and black bean burger with tomato salad. Our big treat was going to Ruka's Table which was recommended to us by Rachel's foodie friends. SO great. Cozy wooden interior with huge stone fireplace. Large portions, amazing bread, incredible chocolate and caramel pie. Don't miss that! One of my favorite spots was the Mountain Fresh Market. A great place to pick up homemade donuts, wine, toiletries... Also, great for breakfast and the pizza place next door looked awesome!

We had the total pleasure of spending a day at the spa and I can't even tell you how incredible it was. There are all different rooms: a cozy fireplace room, a meditation solarium with blankets and waterfalls, a little restaurant, a rooftop terrace, a whirlpool room with wet and dry saunas. They EVEN use my oils. I was in heaven! I got the hot herbal poultice ball massage (dreamy!), my mom got the hot stone massage and Rach got a "custom" massage. She fancy. Also, did I mention the complimentary champagne, infused waters, teas? Guys, reality is hard. ;)

Sam and I are seriously debating going for our ten year anniversary. I loved it so much. GO! It's voted Conde Nast's #2 spa hotel in the US.

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