Saturday, February 28, 2015

Netflix Recommendation: TINY

One of my favorite categories on Netflix is documentaries. I feel like we can ALWAYS find something interesting to watch. I've heard about this tiny house movement for a while now and was curious to learn more. Sam was pretty uninterested until he realized in the movie TINY, we would follow one man's journey of building his own tiny house by hand (men.). I wouldn't say that this movie made me want to live in a tiny house but it was definitely interesting and got me thinking about what we really need to live and how we could pare down. There are certainly some drawbacks to living in under 200 sq feet (insert scream face emoji here) but I think the people who are doing it are certainly inspiring although it seems to be a particular demographic and age bracket that are jumping on the trend. A lot of these houses are on wheels as well because they often don't meet city code because they are so small (most towns have a min of 600 sq feet).

Here are some tiny houses for your viewing enjoyment:

Tall men, tiny house.

A tiny house interior shot by Lincoln Barbour. A family of four lives here! You can see more of this 557 sq foot home here.

Here is a sustainable "micro cabin." This couple built everything themselves and it's 196 sq feet!! The argument is to live on less, have less debt, have a smaller carbon foot print etc. I love the colors on this one!

There is actually a Tiny House Hotel in Portland!! This is the "skyline." You can see 44 incredible tiny houses here.

What do you think? Could you live in a tiny house?!

More Netflix recommendations here.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's amazing what a week of winter break and a sprinkle of snow days can do to my productivity level over here but honestly these lazy days at home have been pretty perfect. I'm an introvert mostly so the winter days and clearer calendar are a-ok with me. I turned 34 this past sunday. I'm rapidly approaching a new age bracket. Couldn't tell you what's in fashion right now, pretty much wear the same thing everyday and I'm drinking more tea than cocktails these days. I really like this season. Even though I did the birthday sobbing that I do every year on my birthday (what is with that?! am I the only one?), I feel content most days. My focus has changed a lot over the last year, I've tried to set up more boundaries and I've recognized my own limits. I realized that I had lost a lot of what I love about blogs and what inspires me. I am a big fan of just sharing your life and finding a good mix and I think I just sort of needed to reboot my creativity. In fact, I think this may be the longest I've gone without posting in 6 years, even longer than in those first months of morning sickness.

I'm in the middle of brainstorming right now and getting excited about creating something that I'm passionate about and that will hopefully inspire and help others to live happy and healthy lives. I want to empower people to find what makes them happy, what makes them feel their best. I've had to make some tough changes to my lifestyle to feel my best and I totally understand how hard that can be. Giving up coffee, dairy, sugar, alcohol and fruit is no walk in the park but I want to be able to share that journey in a really beautiful way because I feel so much better and I want other people to feel better too! Also, not suggesting this to be necessary for everyone, just me and hopefully just temporarily.

All of my "whys" are for my family. I want to be balanced and free to be with them when they need me. I've found so much joy and simplicity in helping friends and family on their oil journeys and just being a mama and wife. Not having constant looming deadlines has done wonders for my soul. I'm so thankful that there is freedom to evolve and change. Every year I'm just amazed at what God is doing in our lives. I have grown SO much when I look back over the last 10 years. I seriously don't even recognize that person. Thank heavens for grace and growth! Here's to a shiny, new year to focus on health and blessing others. Now, back to this slow snow day with the biggest flakes I ever did see! XO

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Motherhood Lately

I woke up this morning and could barely peel my eyes open. Just a little hump day exhaustion, ya know? The thought of getting both girls ready and breakfast, the school drop off and then grocery store and the bank with a two year old had me beat before my feet even hit the ground. Sometimes I swear my thoughts wear me out more than the actual activities but well no not sure if that's true. Ha!

Yesterday morning Matilda came downstairs with all of these puppets that she had made with our names on them. She's just magic that little one, my heart fills with pride watching her learn to tie her shoes, to write and read, to create. We've been practicing drawing together which has always been one of my favorite things. I grew up drawing and painting with my Papa and Lynndaddy and they are some of my most cherished moments. I was on a little cloud all morning, dropped Bee off at school (she is so loved there and I just thank my lucky stars to have found such amazing women to help me be able to get a shower or a little work done). Anyways, came home and went upstairs and !!! it looked like a bomb had gone off in Matilda's room. I have to laugh about it! I sent Sam a text and he was like, "she's an artist!." Haha! It took me a solid hour to clean up the markers, paper clippings, dirty clothes, toothpaste that somehow had soap all over it. Just too funny not to crack up about it.

I went through the Starbucks drive thru (as I often do these days and then Bee and I drive around looking at houses - guilty pleasure!) and the guy taking my order is a friend's son. Before Sam and I got married I was in a small group for singles at a young married couple's house. They had two little ones that I adored and I loved getting those big squeezes from them before they got all tucked in. Sharing that story because the little boy who was younger than Matilda at the time was now taking my order and telling me about his college acceptance letter he had just received. Tears filled up in my eyes as I drove away because I saw first hand how fast that happens. Just mind blowing, so instead of fretting over giant messes or two year old tantrums, I am soaking up all the valentine-making, hugs, fort building, castle making, I can get!

I also have a really amazing story to share before I get back to the dishes and laundry ;)... earlier this week I got an email from one of Til's teachers saying that she was complaining of ear pain. I picked her up at school and she wailed at soon as she got in the car. I am all too familiar with ear infections myself so my heart ached for her. When we got home I put some lavender and purification oil down the outside of her ear to her lymph nodes for about an hour as well as some diluted deep relief and not one complaint since. You can read more about that here if you are interested. XO

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Planning Our Trip: San Fran, Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur

OK, so I finally set down last week and booked a lot of our California trip. For our ten year anniversary we are headed to North California and I am beyond excited. Sam and I haven't been on a trip alone like this in a decade and it's highhhhh time. The last time we went to California Sam got food poisoning for half the time we were there so we have some serious catching up to do on the west coast. I know.

photo by stan russell

I've been dreaming of Big Sur ever since I saw photos from my sister, my brother, my dad and my friend Jen. Dream just doesn't even cut it. We will be flying into San Francisco and working our way down the coast. I've gotten so many amazing recommendations and I doubt we'll be able to cover all of it but I wanted to share them in one spot here. Hope you can dream along with me or if you're planning a trip here, you'll get some ideas! Also, if there is anything amazing I've missed please feel free to leave your recommendations in the comment section and I'll add them to the list.

photo via here

Let's get started!

San Francisco:

We won't have much time here, but we'll have lunch here our first day and then spend our last day and evening here as well as the following morning. I also have a best friend that lives here so we'll be grabbing a drink with her and her boyfriend as well! So fun.

+ Food + Drink:

- Boulette's Larder
- The Cliff House
- Tartine Bakery
- The Slanted Door for drinks
- Miette for cupcakes
- Cowgirl Creamery

+ To do:

- Ride bikes over Golden Gate bridge
- Muir Woods
- Alcatraz tour
- Take a cable car
- Lombard Street
- Pier 39
- Ferry Building
- See the Painted Ladies

storybook cottages in carmel via hooked on houses

Monterey/ Carmel

+ Food and Drink

- Clint Eastwood's restaurant
- Bag pipes + drinks at sunset at Pebble Beach's The Inn at Spanish Bay
- We made dinner reservations here
- Happy Girl Kitchen

+ To do:

17 mile drive - this was recommended over and over. Can't wait!
Point Lobos Natural Reserve - sea lion and otters! We are also going during whale watching season!!
- Carmel's storybook cottages

the ventana inn via sb digs

Big Sur

+ Food + Drink

- Deetjens for brunch
- Big Sur Bakery for breakfast or dinner
- Ventana Inn for dinner
- Nepenthe for sunset cocktails
- Fernwood Grill for pizza

+ Where to Stay

- Ventana Inn - upscale with japanese baths and spa
- Glen Oaks - modern cabins
- Treebones - yurts and great sushi

+ What to do

- Esalan hot springs - a midnight soak in the hot springs. clothing optional!
- McWay Falls - so stunning!
- Pfieffer Beach - picnic and cocktails at sunset

This is past Big Sur, but I would LOVE to visit the Hearst Castle. All the heart eyes!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friends on Netflix + a Few More Favorites

Hey guys! So, one of Sam and my favorite things to do is to get hooked on a TV show and watch it start to finish superfast on Netflix, I think the term for that is "binging." Life seems busier than ever lately and we haven't be able to do this as much but we have been LOVING re-watching all of Friends in chronological order (which I've never done) and Sam has never seen Friends. I know. I pee laugh watching this show. It's just as funny now. We just watched the episode when Joey teaches Ross to talk dirty and Chandler catches them in the middle of it. I die.

Other things we are loving or want to watch:

+ William and Kate - I am such an anglophile and this is a friday-night-in dream come true!

+ Have you seen The Interview? This is the controversial comedy that they pulled from theaters because of threats from North Korea.

+ OK, so don't judge me. Dance Moms. Only because I'm obsessed with Maddie from the Chandelier music video and want to know all things.

+ If you haven't seen First Position or Jig, watch one tonight! Both follow dancers and it's incredibly inspiring, first one of the ballerina variety and the second one of the Irish jig variety. Fascinating!

+ So many good 80's movies on there right now: Heathers, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueler's Day Off... to name a few!

+ "I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs!" One of the most quoted movies of all time: Can't Hardly Wait

What are you streaming right now?

photo via Vanity Fair

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Make it Happen Brunch

This past weekend was such a fun whirlwind. I taught a class was some incredible people on friday night (see here) and then had some of my teammates over for a goal setting brunch saturday morning. I can think of nothing more fun than yummy food, inspiring women and goal setting! It's one of my favorite things. My friend Katie and I wanted to surprise the girls with some fun treats like this amazing book and a binder full of ideas and tools to get started with their goals and businesses. Helping other women support their families is a huge passion of mine!
Because we had the class the night before everyone came with a healthy dish the following morning, which was so awesome and I loved trying some new recipes! We had chia pudding (a new fave!), grain and sugar free chocolate pumpkin muffins (yum!), bacon and onion fritattas, fresh fruit, granola, a delicious cucumber salad, mixed greens and ningxia red. :)

I am so excited about 2015 and spreading health and wellness! Just brings so much joy to my heart. I heard so many heart breaking stories over the weekend of health issues and chronic illness. Thankful that God gave us natural resources. Praying for healing all the time!

That's a pretty group of ladies!! Wish I could have gotten a photo of all of us! If you're interested in getting started with essential oils and joining this incredible team you can click here for more info. <3

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

10 Years

Last weekend the talented Alea Moore came over to shoot some promo pictures for re/prom which I mentioned last friday. Joni brought over 25 heart balloons and we had the best time playing in confetti and laughing with our husbands while a sweet babysitter wrangled our 8 girls (combined :)) upstairs. Not a bad way to spend a sunday morning, huh? Joni has tons more photos and info about this incredible event on her beautiful blog. Ticket prices go up tomorrow, so don't delay! Best Valentine's Day ever!

Back to the title of this blog post... this March Sam and I will have been married for 10 years, a whole decade. I don't know that I've gleaned anything mind blowing to share about what makes a marriage work. I feel like we are both still learning every day. I do know that I love Sam more than ever. We've been through a tremendous amount in our marriage: death, natural disasters, divorce, terrible jobs, great jobs, babies, five moves, you name it and it seems to have found us. At the end of the day though, I wouldn't trade a single second for that naive 24 year old love we had when we first got married.

I remember feeling sort of disappointed on my honeymoon, the let down after the wedding hit me kind of hard, I was more interested in the time at what my friends thought of my wedding that actually starting a new life with my husband (shows my age doesn't it?!). I was overwhelmed by a reality not meeting a fantasy. Weren't we supposed to lay around in bed all day feeding each other strawberries?! I had zero clue of what it meant to be a wife and honestly, I'm still learning, along with learning how to be the best mama I can be and having that all fall into balance. I'm a firm believer in God, husband, children, but sometimes the order gets messed up and sometimes I end up at the very top, putting my own wishes first. That's one of my goals this year is to serve more.

Sam and I are taking a big trip to Big Sur this year to celebrate and I've just honestly never been happier. I'm so thankful to be able to say that. I love getting to do life with this incredible man. It may sound cheesy but he really does make me want to be a better person. Sam is so giving of himself and his time. He's never too tired to put out that last bag of garbage on the street, to wash that last pot, to tuck in the girls. He never complains about it, he just does it. I married up. SO thankful that he sees good things in me, even when I'm my worst. Three cheers to making it last, babe! XO

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