Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend Notes 22

I've been on a mission to try one new thing a week in the kitchen and this week it is buckwheat groats (wha?!). I was inspired after seeing Sarah's Raspberry Ripple Buckwheat Porridge recipe. I love her so much. Her voice and philosophy on food resonate with me completely. Also, could she be any more lovable/charming/pretty?! This video on "one change" is so inspiring. Will report back on the groats.

Sam and I are back on a total health kick after a summer of hot dogs and margs. I'm actually considering doing a month of plants only as a reboot. Little Phoebe has been sick almost all summer so I want to make sure my babies are getting what they need. In preparation for back to school and the flu/cold season I want to start them on an elderberry syrup/ probiotic routine.

Starting to think about fall clothes even though I know it'll be a while before we need them. I love this dress because you could totally wear it now and layer it later. Would be so cute with boots!

A super interesting documentary on how plants talk to each other.

Speaking of documentaries. I've been on a kick and watched this one and this one this week. I just want to know everything right now. I'm like a learning sponge.

Ordered these for carpool runs and walking around the 'hood. Also adding these to the fall shoe wishlist.

Pinned this outfit. I dig.

Have a cool weekend guys.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vegan Veggie Wraps

Recently I've had such a craving and desire to eat more plants. I've always liked vegetables but I don't eat enough of them. With Matilda starting school next week I've been trying to think of ways to sneak them in her lunches, too. Phoebe is still eating most things but I basically want all of us to have vegan meals several times a week with the hopes that we can increase our veggie intake overall.

Wraps are a really fun thing to eat so I felt like it would be the perfect vessel for the girls. I really love Rudi's wraps, so I grabbed some of those and my mom made this awesome cashew cheese (she shared the recipe here) that I mixed with Tessamae's Lemon Chesapeake dressing. This dressing is so amazing, it's also paleo, vegan, sugar free. The bomb. I used my trusty julienne peeler on the carrot and sliced up some cucumber and onion and added some spinach. Simple and so good.
Definitely not rocket science, but super satisfying and the veggies are raw which I think is really important and it's nice to mix things up from a salad or green smoothie. Do you guys try and have meatless meals? Any great recipes you'd like to share?
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Monday, July 28, 2014

36 Hours on the Alabama Coast

Last weekend Sam and I (thanks to my amazing mama!) took our very first trip alone in over three years. I don't know how it happens, but the years, they fly by and alone time can be super hard to come by. Luckily, as fate would have it, one of Sam's oldest and dearest friend Tator (I love people from Mississippi) was getting married at Fort Morgan in Alabama. We booked a hotel and crammed in as much fun and relaxation as possible in 36 hours.

We took a put stop in Montgomery on the way down and luckily my sister went to Auburn and her friends grew up there so we got the tip to stop at Historic Old Cloverdale. This area of town is so lovely, tons of great houses, shopping and a full service gas station (into it). We happened on Filet and Vine which is this super old fashioned super market with a great wine and beer selection and a cafeteria-style lunch (think meat and two sides). Not exactly light fare, but classicly southern and soul satisfying.

Our hotel was in the heart of Gulf Shores and while the tourist-y spring break vibe I could have done without, we did manage to find a total gem of a hangout spot thanks to my friend Sally. The Gulf was something I wish I could have picked right up and moved home with us. There is a huge open green space with sandy lounge areas. Kids can run around while adults sit under umbrellas at cool wooden tables with iron chairs. Lots of white wash with an eclectic vibe and GOOD beach food.

The next morning we hopped in the car for a short trip to Fairhope, Alabama. I read a write up in Country Living (I think it was...) about this adorable, quaint small town and it totally lived up to its charming reputation. We had paninis and beignets at Panini Pete's in the French Quarter. Such nice people and I hope to come back for more exploring.

We ended up back at The Gulf for lunch and the happiest of happy hours before getting reading for the wedding. We hired a cab to take us to Fort Morgan which was about 30-35 minutes away. We got to share one with Sam's childhood friend Robert and his lovely wife Amanda. Isn't it so fun to hear childhood stories about your one and only? The best. Apparently Sam had the best toys and the coldest Mountain Dew. ;) When we arrived at Fort Morgan I was gobsmacked by the beauty. The spanish fort is the most romantic location I could imagine for a wedding. Brick tunnels, large green fields, vines growing everywhere. it was stunning.

The reception was a few miles away under the stars, crickets, lanterns, the best wedding band (think strings, bluegrass, female and male vocals - dreamy), amazing food and then we lit paper lanterns over the sea. It was perfect and great for Sam and I to have all of that time together. We listened to podcasts in the car and talked about life. So thankful. For all who asked, you can find my dress here. xo

photos taken on my camera as well as on instagram.

my tote bag by Write on Design

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekend Notes 21

Cheers to it almost being friday. Ha! Sam and I are headed to a wedding on the beach this weekend and looking forward to some alone time. It's the first time in over three years. Can't wait! We are headed to Gulf Shores so if there is somewhere we need to eat/ something we have to see... I'm all ears. My friend Sally recommended The Gulf. Tried it? I found a dress to wear to the wedding that I love at Dress Up. I had never been there before and they had so many cute (and affordable) dresses.

Some little takeaways from this week:

Kristin shared the garden party that she planned for her daughter Chloe's fourth birthday (you may remember it from instagram). It was just as pretty in person! That's the cake above that she made. She colored the icing with raspberry juice and it was SO yummy.

12 photos that look like they came from a fairy tale. Those baobab trees!

I just downloaded this book to read and it's intensely thought provoking.

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase wooden prints or canvas banners from Lay Baby Lay. I love this one!

How great does Jess Connely's new site look? Makes me want a makeover. :)

Speaking of new sites... my friend Stephanie (remember her amazing tree house?!) just launched Her New Tribe. She has impeccable taste and style and the sweetest girls. You will love her.

Went shopping for bras the other day (let's just say I was still wearing a nursing bra ahem) and I went home with this one. So soft and comfy!

I wish, wish I was going to Pick with a Pro. Only a few spots left! It's going to be magical.

Pinned these AMAZING looking strawberry shortcake popsicles.

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tip for Moms: You Can't Handle it All

"Our core fear that we can't handle it, that we're not enough, I believe it. I don't think we can handle it, at least not on our own. We're not expected to handle it on our own. Notice that in all the examples in Scripture, God doesn't say, "Do not be afraid. You've got this!" He says, "Do not be afraid. I've got this." That basic truth has the power to overcome all our fears if we allow it to." - Clout by Jenni Catron

I've mentioned before that I've been experiencing a lot of changes and growing pains recently. Nothing like endless summer days, working from home, trying to be a hot wife, raising two spirited amazing little girls, having little to no alone time or girl time, to make you feel spread thin and like a total failure (just me?). I recently sent a defeated email to my group of women that I meet with once a week. We've taken the summer off and I have felt that void. The email went something like this, "I'm drowning, I'm not having fun, my babies are sick, I feel like I can't please anyone, I'm exhausted, HELP."

My friend Emily texted the above quote to me. It was life giving. I thought I would pass it along in case you needed to hear it too. We can't do it all. I was recently talking to my friend Dana and she had me belly laughing about the fact that she had never met any woman who was physically fit, a great mom, kept a clean house, cooked healthy dinners every night, was an amazing friend, successful at work and had an amazing romance happening with her man.

Y'all, I haven't met her either but I admit to wanting to be her! The truth is, it is impossible. We have to make cuts of what doesn't work and plug in to what does. For instance right now I don't want to be tethered to twitter or facebook (read more about that here). Are they great for some people? Sure. Not for me. I got off my personal facebook a few months ago and all of a sudden my mental clutter was half. Praise!

What also works for me right now is going to bed early and waking up early, having an hour of quiet time in the morning - a moment with my God before I do anything else, taking unplugged walks, not trying so hard to please people (cause it's impossible and draining!), living in the moment with my girls, keeping a prayer journal, going on date nights, long talks with encouraging friends, waiting for the right time to respond to texts (it's ok! people will still love you and I hope that my friends know I have that same grace for them). The noise down.

What keeps you balanced?

all photos from instagram

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School Gear

Kindergarten is just a few short weeks away and I've been swimming through a sea of emotions this week. I'm distracting myself with some back to school shopping (so fun!). I'll take Matilda on a special date to pick out her supplies but these are a few things I have in mind (we already snatched up that cute striped lunch box). I'm going to be sharing some of her lunches once I start making them, want to pick up this book for some inspiration!

I'm obsessed with these youth back packs from Herschel. So many cool prints. You can't go wrong with a Fjallraven Kanken either. I don't know if I'll be one of those over-the-top bento moms, but how cute are these?!

for her: birdhouse back pack | spoon + fork | bright stripes lunch boxhot pink glass water bottle | bento food picks (!)

for him: Fjallraven Kanken | spoon + fork | dinosaur lunch box | dino water bottle | lunch box notes

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Notes 20

Hope you're having a good weekend! We are loving this sleepy, rainy weather. The perfect excuse to watch The Life of Mammals and just talk. Feels so, so nice. Have you ever seen a Kangaroo be born?! Marsupials are like totally, totally mind blowingly amazing.

New favorite read (photo above is hers).

An instagram feed I like.

My friend Kristin threw the dreamiest garden party for her little Chloe this weekend and we were lucky enough to get to be a part of it.

Best shaving cream, ever! Makes your legs so soft (bought after trying their lip balm).

I've been reading She Reads Truth for about a year and was SO excited about their new (free!) app. It is so beautiful and easy to use and worthy of being on your phone. :)

My friend Lindsay makes the cutest and softest tees. We love them!

Matilda has been practicing reading and it is truly amazing to watch. These cards and this book have been super helpful.

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