From Our Kitchen to Yours!

Over the past few years I've struggled with finding resources and inspirations for the way we eat. We are mostly Paleo, sometimes Keto, and we have a child who is allergic to eggs, gluten, and dairy so we try and avoid those things for family dinners. We have just introduced this devotional to dinner time to try and connect as a family, listen to each other's days and to be intentional about growing in our faith. Hope you find something here that you love!



Breakfast can be one of the harder meals for those trying to avoid grains. While some of our favorite go-tos do include gluten-free grains, you will also find some other favorites like fritattas and sweet potato hash!

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Whether we are making school lunches, a mom power lunch or having lunch out, here is a collection of favorites with more coming soon! Lunches on the go can be a challenge when you have a special diet. We got you!



We are entering a new season in our family where dinners reign supreme. It's the perfect way to connect, nourish our bodies and souls and to fill our bellies with something a little more thought out and tried and true.