Frequently Asked Questions


how do i sign up for oils?

Oils and Young Living have completely changed our life. It wasn’t overnight but we have gradually gone non-toxic in our home over the last fews years and I love to help other people do the same. See “why we use oils” here and you can sign up here!


Most of the time I share sources right within the blog, but most of my favorite things can be found here too!

how long have you been with young living?

The Golden Drop Society was formed in 2014! I love helping families learn how to support their wellness naturally. We share daily inspiration and I love being a part of our community!

where do you live?

We live in a big, small town outside of Atlanta, GA! Born and raised Georgia girl and we love living in the south but equally love exploring this amazing world. :)

how long have you been blogging?

I started sharing online in 2008, the year my oldest daughter Matilda was born! I love sharing snippets of home and life. 

what color paint did you use?

Our exterior color is Shoji White by Sherwin Williams, we used Alabaster by Sherwin Williams inside. See more here!