Test Tube Bath Salts

I love to do something wellness oriented at Christmas for my neighbors because I know our bodies could use a little r + r and self care after running around for weeks trying to get everything just right for the big day. I did linen sprays for elevating the every day last year and this year I was inspired by my friend Jennifer to do bath salts. 


What I love about using oils is that you can make all sorts of things with them. I wanted to make these bath salts extra special so I ordered these test tubes with cork tops and this collection of dried flowers (which came in the prettiest box with four different dried petals: rose, lavender, chamomile, and marigold!).


Test Tube Bath Salts

You will need:
+ Test tubes with corks
+ Dried Flowers
+ Epsom salts (make sure it's unscented - I get mine from Target)
+ Your favorite oils (I used Eucalyptus Radiata and Lemongrass and Lavender)

Layer in the salt, add a drop of oil, layer in flower petals, then salts with another drop of oil, etc until full. To use simply run a bath and soak amongst the beautiful petals. Merry Christmas!!

Interested in oils? You can find out more about the Golden Drop Society and how to get the best essential oils EVER :) right here!