My Favorite Books


So excited to share with you some of the books that shaped me and challenged me this year. These are my top picks for 2017. Whether you are wanting to read more in the new year, looking for a gift or just want to be inspired, I hope you will take a peek at these!

1. The Circle Maker
Why I loved it: Mark's enthusiasm and passion bleed through every page. We can get so caught up in "IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME." He flips that on its head with the most inspiring book I've ever read on the power of prayer. It inspired me to keep a prayer journal and to set bigger goals!

2. Present Over Perfect
Why I loved it: Shauna is on here twice for a good reason. I LOVE her. She just has a way of writing that transports you through stories that make you feel like you were in the middle of them, like you could literally see, taste, smell the moment. Sensory writing!!! When I read this it was like she wrote the book for me in that moment, I've never felt like someone got me as much as she did in that book.

3. You are Free
Why I loved it: I read this book when I was feeling very much NOT free. Rebekah's stories of love, loss, wins and motherhood met me right where I was at, I felt like I kept breathing a sigh of relief throughout the book.

4. You are a Badass at Making Money
Why I loved it: I LOVE business, like love it and I love books about business but what I love more is Jen Sincero. I belly laughed my way through this book of her tales with money and how to get more of it. If you struggle with money, either making it or with it period, READ THIS BOOK. As you can gather from the title, there is some adult language. 

5. Nothing to Prove
Why I loved it: Are you sensing a trend here? I adore Jennie Allen, I feel like she's a kindred and this book reminded me a lot of Present over Perfect. Hard working women, learning to rest in Him. Beautiful words and encouragement.

6. All the Pretty Things
Why I loved it: My friend Edie WROTE this book! She's an incredible women and someone that I aspire to be like. Was a treat to read her life story and what has made her who she is today. I always feel like Edie's presence is like a warm cup of tea or a big hug. Proud of her!

7. Bread & Wine
Why I loved it: if you love food, Jesus and amazing story telling then you will LOVE Bread & Wine. It's just soul food in every way, maybe one of my favorite books ever!

8. Uninvited
Why I loved it: Lysa BRINGS IT with this book of what it's like to be a girl - often bittersweet, heart breaking and lonely. She shines a light on hard things and teaches us all to "live loved."

Got any other favorites I missed? Bring em on! Currently reading this!

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